Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ways We Used to Care

Author: Brian
Location: Arizona

"Ways We Used to Care"

Directed by Mike Leigh
Written by Eric Roth
Music by Danny Elfman

Principal Cast:

Kate Winslet (Natalie Stanton)
Daniel Day-Lewis (Jason Beningfeld)
Annette Bening (Liz Beningfeld)
Halle Berry (Mindy Grahm)
Laurence Fishburne (Lucas Grahm)
Georgie Henley (Catie Stanton)
Cameron Bright (Charlie Stanton)

"Everything Blossoming Needs Some Water"

Jason and Liz Beningfeld are early-retired, affluent scientists. As they begin to get more and more bored with their lives, they decide to hire a maid and her children to live with them. Whenever Liz goes out for something, Jason starts becoming more and more aquainted with the "help," Natalie Stanton. He grows more and more in love with her, right under his wife's nose. As Liz grows suspicious, she seeks help from her friends, the Grahms, who still cannot be sure of what is happening. Jason's love grows to obsession, which grows to the attempted murder of his wife. Throughout the film, Natalie is never entirely sure of what Jason is feeling for her, but knows that she is becoming more and more unsafe around him.

What the Press Would Say:

In the long-awaited, controversial film by daring director Mike Leigh, the most subtle, brave love story since "Brokeback Mountain" is told. In the incredibly dark story, perfect performances are given from everyone in the ensemble, including acclaimed child actors Georgie Henley and Cameron Bright. After being a hit at the Golden Globes, expect Oscar nominations in the following categories...

Best Picture
Best Director (Mike Leigh)
Best Actor (Daniel Day-Lewis)
Best Actress (Kate Winslet)
Best Supporting Actress (Annete Bening, Halle Berry)
Best Supporting Actor (Laurence Fishburne, Cameron Bright)
Best Original Screenplay (Eric Roth)
Best Film Editing
Best Original Score (Danny Elfman)

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