Sunday, June 22, 2008

Julius Caeser

Author: Pielak
Location: Unknown

"Julius Caesar"

Directed By Steven Spielberg
Written By Paul Haggis
Music By Hanz Zimmer

Principal Cast:

Tom Hanks (Julius Caesar)
Joaquin Phoenix (Marcus Brutus)
Nicolas Cage (Gaius Cassius)
Brad Pitt (Marc Antony)
Anthony Hopkins (Cicero)
Mark Ruffalo (Lepidus)

"The world would never be the same"

Steven Spielberg Directs the latest reinvention of Shakespeare's Greatest work by Writer Paul Haggis. Julius Caesar takes place in Ancient Rome after Caesar Won the civl war which made undisputed master of the Roman Empire.Its a tale of betrayl by those closet to Caesar which captures the impact of the one of the first well known political assassination in Human History.

What the Press Would Say:

Steven Spielberg has Directed Maybe his finest picture with an allstar cast from the likes of which we've never seen! Tom Hanks also provides his best performance since Forrest Gump as the great Julius Caesar.The Academy Award is a lock for both as well as sure nominations for Haggis, Phoenix,Cage, and Brad Pitt.

An early campaign for these nods:

Director:Steven Spielberg
Actor:Tom Hanks
Sup. Actor: Joaquin Phoenix
Sup. Actor: Nicolas Cage
Sup.Actor: Brad Pitt
Adapted Screenplay:Paul Haggis
Original Score:Hanz Zimmer
Art Direction
Costume Design

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