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Directed By Ron Howard
Written By Akiva Goldsmith
Music By Hans Zimmer

Principal Cast:

Emma Thompson (Terri Schiavo)
Bill Paxton (Michael Schiavo)
Albert Finney (Bob Schindler)
Helen Mirren (Mary Schindler)
Jared Leto (Bobby Schindler)

"She watched the world around her"

"Terri" is a film about the struggle between thehusband and parents over the survival of a clinically brain-dead woman. Based on true events that happened in the late '90s and early 21st Century, Ron Howard's latest film details the battle over whether Terri Schiavo, played by Emma Thompson, should be kept alive even though she is in a persistent vegetative state. Bill Paxton, Albert Finney, Helen Mirren, and Jared Leto co-star as Terri's feuding family in this heart-wrenching story.

What the Press Would Say:

Ron Howard's new movie, "Terri", is a real tearjerker probably because the subject matter is still fresh in our minds. It tells the story about Terri Schiavo, a woman in a vegetative state, whose family battles over whether or not she should be kept alive. Emma Thompson
gives the performance of her career as the comatose main character in a role that barely has any lines. Bill Paxton plays Terri's husband, Michael, who wants to see his wife leave the world in peace and end the suffering that she is enduring. His performance is so good that you feel as if it is Bill Paxton's wife whom he is dealing with. Albert Finney and Helen Mirren play Terri's parents who go to great lengths to keep their daughter alive. Jared Leto also co-stars as Schiavo's brother.

Best Picture
Best Director-Ron Howard
Best Actor-Bill Paxton
Best Actress-Emma Thompson
Best Supporting Actor-Albert Finney
Best Original Screenplay
Best Original Score

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