Sunday, June 22, 2008


Author: Brian
Location: Arizona


Directed by Bennett Miller
Written by Craig Brewer
Original Score by Howard Shore

Principal Cast:

Robert Downey Jr. (Samuel Johnson)
Sally Field (Elizabeth Porter)
Jeff Daniels (Michale Johnson)
Catherine Keener (Sarah Johnson)
Freddie Highmore (Young Samuel Johnson)
James Caan (The Pope)
William Hurt (The Dean)

"We Lived Life. He Alphabetized It."

This is the lesser known story of Samuel Johnson, writer of the first authorized dictionary. The film chronicles his life from a child with countless medical problems to his strange death in the later 1700's. During that time, he writes several unsuccessful books, marries Widow Elizabeth Porter, a woman 20 years older, and publishes his 9-year project The English Dictionary Volumes I and II in 1755.

What the Press Would Say:

In one of the most talked about and superb films of the year, Robert Downey Jr. shines as writer Samuel Johnson, author of the first English dictionary. The film has an informative, yet (surprisingly) interesting script by rising screenwriter Craig Brewer, and Oscar Nominee Bennett Miller directs another fantastic biopic. Expect "Definitions" to recieve Oscar nods in the following categories...

Best Picture
Best Director (Bennett Miller)
Best Actor (Robert Downey Jr.)
Best Supporting Actress (Sally Field and Catherine Keener)
Best Supporting Actor (Jeff Daniels and Freddie Highmore)
Best Original Screenplay (Craig Brewer)
Best Film Editing
Best Original Score (Howard Shore)

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