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Author: Pat
Location: New York


Directed By Clint Eastwood
Written By Alan Ball

Principal Cast:

Elijah Wood (Michael Sessions)
Kevin Spacey (Mayor Doug Ingles)
Michelle Pfeiffer (Elizabeth Sessions)
Martin Sheen (Daniel Sessions)
Dennis Quaid (Fire Chief Henry Wilkins)
Scarlett Johansson (Janine Sessions)
Amy Adams (Sarah Sheffield)
Michael Rosenbaum (Ricky Peterson)
Trevor Morgan (Josh Ingles)
Wesley Snipes (Xander Smith)
Scott Glenn (Vince Petruski)
Kathy Bates (Martha Ingles)
Frances Conroy (Georgiana Ingles)

""On December 12, 2007, high school senior Michael Sessions will do the unbelievable.""

Loosely based on the events that took place during the Hillsdale, Michigan, mayoral election of 2005 when18-year-old Michael Sessions overcome the hardest
obstacles to beat the incumbent 51-year-old mayor tobecome the leader of the town. Elijah Wood stars asthe young candidate and Kevin Spacey is as good as always playing his grumpy opponent. Clint Eastwooddirects the cast and Alan Ball writes the script,
which is a blend of laugh out loud comedy and heart-wrenching drama.

What the Press Would Say:

Clint Eastwood directs this classic underdog story about the 2005 mayoral elections of Hillsdale,Michigan. Elijah Wood leads a sprawling cast as a highschool senior who wants a change in his fading town so he decides to run for mayor. He is forced with unbelievable challenges, mostly from his opponent in the race played by Kevin Spacey in one of his meanestroles. Michelle Pfeiffer and Martin Sheen play Wood's parents who are slowly slipping into poverty and are very concerned about their son's election. Scarlett Johansson provides most of the comic relief in the story, especially when she is trying to seduce the incumbent's son. Overall, Hillsdale is a traditional story about a person who wants to reach a goal over unimaginable odds.

Best Picture
Best Director-Clint Eastwood
Best Actor-Elijah Wood
Best Supporting Actor-Kevin Spacey
Best Supporting Actress-Scarlett Johanssen
Best Original Screenplay-Alan Ball
Best Cinematography
Best Film Editing
Best Original Score

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