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Author: Michael L.
Location: Unknown


Directed by Martin Scorsese
Written by Eric Roth
Music by Howard Shore

Principal Cast:

Uma Thurman as Jackie Kallen
Sam Jones as James Toney
Jamie Foxx as Keith Terinn
Clive Owen as Craig Kallen
Minnie Driver as Teri
Gene Hackman as Chuck Brewster
Liev Schreiber as Ryan

"She had boxing figured out, it was the rest of her life that was the problem"

The true story of Jackie Kallen, the most successful woman boxing manager ever. Taking place in the late 80's and early 90's Jackie Kallen(Uma Thurman) is a somewhat successful businesswoman involved in the boxing industry who used to be a reporter until boxing became what she loved. One day she stumbles across a screwed up fighter from Detroit named James Toney (Sam Jones and hires him a trainer, Keith Terrin(Jamie Foxx) who was a fighter she once knew until drugs ended his career. Jackie finds boxing harder then expected especially for a sport that is know as a boys club. Jackie must fight as hard as she can. Through her fighter dealing with illegal drug addiction, a painful divorce from her husband Craig Kallen (Clive Owen), her friends Teri (Minnie Driver) neediness, cancer, and everything else life throws at her Jackie fought.

What the Press Would Say:

The few people who saw Against the Ropes know its no masterpiece. This film is the truthful adaptation of Kallen's life and her rocky relationship to her fighter. Thurman is great as a tough, yet emotional woman in her early 40's in the 1980's who has to deal with just about every hardship. Jamie Foxx puts Ray on the backburner in a marvelous performance as a once drug addicted fighter who's career was ruined because pf addiction, as he tries to stop that from happening with James Toney played by Sam Jones. Sam Jones plays the character realistically. Minnie Driver is hilarious as Jackie's desperate friend. Gene Hackman plays opposite to his normal role as a long time boxing promoter who doesn't want a woman in the business. Liev Schreiber and Clive Owen both have small parts but make them memorable and realistic. Early campaigns for

Best Picture
Best Director-Martin Scorsese
Best Actress-Uma Thurman
Best Actor-Sam Jones
Best S. Actress-Minnie Driver
Best S. Actor-Jamie Foxx
Dustin Hoffman
Clive Owen
Liev Schreiber
and many more..

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