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Directed By Alfonso Cuaron
Written By Stephen Gaghan
Music By James Newton Howard

Principal Cast:

Nicole Kidman (Julia Richards)
Ralph Fiennes (Walter)
Jason Statham (Gerry)
Christian Bale (John Patrick Anderson)
Paul Bettany (Keegan McFay)
Ian McKellan (Franklin Peters)
Radha Mitchell (Melissa Anderson)
George Clooney (Aaron Shumsky)
Philip Seymour Hoffman (Nick Smith)
Emily Watson (Erica Nelson)
Sophie Okonedo (Kelly Ziegler)
Charlie Hunnam (David)
Hayden Christensen (Lionel)

"Don't trust anybody"

Alfonso Cuaron directs this ensemble thriller using anenvironmental summit in London as a backdrop for a worldwide conspiracy. Nicole Kidman star as a single mother who is brought into the conspiracy by a man who hijacks her car, played by Ralph Fiennes, and claims to be on the run from assassins because he threatens to reveal devastating information. She is quicklypulled into a scheme which involves a multi-billion dollar mining company that wants to deforest thousands of acres of African rain forest to find diamond mines.

The CEO of the company (Christian Bale) hires an assassin (Jason Statham) to silence the disgruntled employee while dealing with his wife's (Radha Mitchell) increasing mental issues. Paul Bettany stars as a Scotland Yard agent who tries to uncover the plot but discovers that it reaches far into the British government and even the Prime Minister (Ian McKellan). George Clooney and Philip Seymour Hoffman star as American businessmen who are trying to buy the Africa land but may be in on the conspiracy also. Emily Watson stars as the Prime Minister's secretary and Sophie Okonedo plays the British ambassador to the Congo. Charlie Hunnam and Hayden Christensen play a gay couple who are more involved in the situation than
they think.

What the Press Would Say:

This latest conspiracy thriller from "Syriana" scribe Stephen Gaghan is his best yet, especially with Alfonso Cuaron at the helm. Nicole Kidman and Ralph Fiennes lead an ensemble cast in a story that exposes a plot within a British mining company that could mean the end of the African rain forest. Excellent dialogue, shocking twists, and stunning action sequences make this one of the best movies of the year. Kidman and Fiennes are great as usual, but Jason Statham and Radha Mitchell steal the screen as a hitman and a psycho wife, respectively. Emily Watson also gives a good performance as the Prime Minister's secretary who thinks her boss might committing crimesthat could involve her.

Best Picture
Best Director-Alfonso Cuaron
Best Actor-Ralph Fiennes
Best Supporting Actor-Jason Statham
Best Supporting Actress-Radha Mitchell
Best Supporting Actress-Emily Watson
Best Original Screenplay-Stephen Gaghan
Best Cinematography
Best Film Editing
Best Original Score
Best Sound

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