Sunday, June 22, 2008

Three Days of Rain

Author: Scott Youngbauer
Location: Bozeman, MT


Directed- Anthony Minghella
Written- John Logan
Director of Photography- Dion Beebe
Original Score- Thomas Newman
Costumes- Colleen Atwood
Set Design- Dante Ferretti

Principal Cast

Macduff- Jude Law
Macbeth- Edward Norton
Lady Macbeth- Natalie Portman
Duncan- Ralph Fiennes
Macolm- Elijah Wood
Donalbain- Giovanni Ribisi,
Lady Macduff- Laura Linney
Banquo- Patrick Wilson
Gypsy 1- Patricia Clarkson
Gypsy 2- Glenn Close
Gypsy 3- Francis Conroy



Set in 1943, this is a new take on William Shake spears tragedy of Macbeth. Detective Macduff (Jude Law) is sent to Manhattan to investigate the murder of night club owner Duncan (Ralph Fiennes). When investigating and questioning the new club owner Macbeth (Edward Norton), Macduff suspects both Macbeth and his wife Lady Macduff (Natalie Portman), who is the head lining night club singer, of the murder of Duncan. Macbeth’s old friend and bartender of the night club Banqo (Patrick Wilson) helps Macduff piece together the case.

The most memorable and creepy parts of the dark noirish film is the 3 gypsy’s played by Clarkson, Close and Conroy, that prophesize and entice Macbeth to kill Duncan and take over the night club.

What makes this adaptation interesting is that the story is told threw the narrative of Macduff, so its his journey as he pieces together the case. Much has been added and elaborated to the tragedy to make it fit into its noir backdrop. As with the tragedy it’s is one about power, greed and murder.

What The Press Would Say

Much talk has been behind Anthony Minghella’s anticipated take on Macbeth. His backdrop of 1940s Noir is eerie yet elegant. It’s a sure lead in the nominees for Best Set Design and Cinematography and since Minghella always works with the best it will probably be nominated in every single category. Natalie Portman is screen stealing as the sly Lady Macbeth. To prepare for this part she took singing lessons, since Lady M is the headlining act in the nightclub. Her performance is very Oscar worthy and she will probably win the Best Actress gold.

Release Date: December 07

Distributor: Universal Pictures

For Your Consideration in the following categories.

Best Picture
Director- Anthony Minghella
Best Adapted Screen play- Lohn Logan
Best Cinematography- Dion Beebe
Best Original Score- Thomas Newman
Costume- Colleen Atwood
Lead Actor- Jude Law, Edward Norton
Sup. Actor- Patrick Wilson, Elijah Wood, Giovanni Ribisi, Ralph Finnes
Lead Actress- Natalie Portman
Sup. Actress- Laura Linney
Set Design/Art Direction- Dante Ferretti

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