Sunday, June 22, 2008

Red Sun

Author: John
Location: Romania

"Red Sun"

Directed by Ron Howard
Written by Tony Cushner and Eric Roth
Music by John Williams

Principal Cast:

Tom Hanks (John Clayton)
Rachel Weisz (Ana Croft)
Heath Ledger (Lenny "Mussaf" Bash)
Tim Roth (Gilderoy Croft)
Anthony Hopkins (Lt. Powell)
Maggie Smith (Angelina Croft)

When hope dies, the sun turns red"

From the Academy Award winner Ron Howard comes a story that shakes humanity, about three people captured in a mexican city where violence is making it's own rules.

What Press Will Say:

A cast filled with acclaimed actors and an interesting story about an American, an English woman and a Palestinian are fighting for survival in the city where the sun is always red and only one man can be crazy enough to rescue them. With the wonderful score provided by John Williams, who can create more than life with his music this picture will surely be acclaimed.

Best Picture
Best Actor: Tom Hanks
Best Actress: Rachel Weisz
Best Supporting Actor: Tim Roth,Anthony Hopkins
Best Original Screenplay: Tony Cushner and Eric Roth
Best Editing
Best Sound
Best Original Score: John Williams
Best Original Song: "Lost in the shadows"

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