Sunday, June 22, 2008

War in Heaven

Author: D.W. Dillon
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

"War In Heaven"

Directed by Martin Scorsese
Written by Paul Shrader
Music by Angelo Badalamenti

Principal Cast

Daniel-Day Lewis - Lucifer
Kyle MacLachlan - Michael
Cary Elwes - Gabriel
Val Kilmer - Raphael
David Bowie - Azazel
Balthazar Getty - Beelzebub
Joaquin Phoenix - Apollyon
Adam Brody - Adam
Keri Russell - Eve
Morgan Freeman - Voice of God
Donald Sutherland - Voice Of Satan (Serpent in Garden Of Eden)

Too much pride, too little faith. Lucifer falls 12/25/06


Second in command to God, Lucifer's pride takes over, as he sets out to dethrone the almighty. The angels pledge their loyalty, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael lead the way in the fight against Lucifer and his sided angels, Azezel, Beelzebub and Apollyon. The war in heaven erupts, and God must watch one third of his angels fall, along with what used to be his greatest angel. Scorsese sets his heaven in a bright futuristic downtown city-like atmosphere.

What The Press Would Say

Scorsese and Shrader team up for the first time since their collaboration on Taxi Driver to bring to life the fall of Lucifer and the war in heaven. A captivating and moving screenplay is sure to give Shrader the Oscar. Angelo Badalamenti lends his musical talents, taking a break from the Lynchian world to create some of the most chilling and thrilling musical compositions in movie history. Daniel-Day Lewis and Kyle MacLachlan shine as God's most prominent angels, a shoe in for acting nods and wins. The academy is almost certain to not ignore Scorsese's recent masterpiece. Scorsese's work speaks for itself and this year the academy will give him his due.

Best Picture
Best Director - Martin Scorsese
Best Actor - Daniel-Day Lewis
Best Supporting Actor - Kyle MacLachlan
Best Original Screenplay - Paul Shrader
Best Score - Angelo Badalamenti
Best Cinematography - Michael Ballhaus
Best Editing
Best Art Direction
Best Special Effects
Best Sound
Best Sound Editing
Best Costume Design

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