Sunday, June 22, 2008

12 Angry Men

Author: Pierre Davis
Location: Columbus, OH

"12 Angry Men"

Directed by: Paul Haggis
Written by: Paul Haggis and Bobby Moresco
Score by: Hans Zimmer

Principal Cast:

Bruce Greenwood: Juror 1
Richard Dreyfuss: Juror 2
Tom Berenger: Juror 3
Phillip S. Hoffman: Juror 4
David Strathairn: Juror 5
Chris Cooper: Juror 6
Will Ferrell: Juror 7
Tim Robbins: Juror 8
Martin Landau: Juror 9
William Dafoe: Juror 10
Vinnie Jones: Juror 11
William H. Macy: Juror 12

"Are you his executioner?"

Academy Award winner Paul Haggis brings this adaptation of the 1957 classic movie. Starring Tim Robbins as the persuasive Juror 8 who tries to explain to the other 11 jurors that just because someone comes for the slumps doesn’t mean they are guilty of every crime. Tom Berenger stars as the angry Juror 3 who doesn’t want to hear anything about that after experiencing a child like the defendant. Which side will the jurors choose in this adapted classic.

What the Press Would Say:

After accepting a best movie and original screenplay Oscar winner Paul Haggis is sure to have another best director nomination in his already promising career. With his best performance since starring in Mystic River Tim Robbins brings another Oscar nominated performance and possible win to this movie. Tom Berenger gives a performance for the ages and could possibly earn a oscar nomination also. With a great cast and early buzz this movie could is sure to have a nomination for best picture in March along with these nominations:


Best Picture
Best Director: Paul Haggis
Best Adapted Screenplay: Paul Haggis and Bobby Moresco
Best Actor: Tim Robbins and Tom Berenger
Best Score: Hans Zimmer
Best Film Editing
Best Cinematography
Best Costume Design

The Assassination of the President

Author: Pat
Location: New York

"The Assassination of the President"

Directed By Michael Mann
Written By Paul Haggis & Michael Mann

Principal Cast:

Dustin Hoffman (President Marshall Goldberg)
Philip Seymour Hoffman (Chief Of Staff Vick Riley)
Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Agent John Michaels)
Paul Giamatti (Press Secretary Isaac Karol)
Forrest Whitaker (Vice President Evan Grendler)
Tom Cruise (Secret Service Director Mike Hutchinson)
Peter Sarsgaard (Barry)
Meryl Streep (First Lady Marilyn Goldberg)
Jennifer Connelly (Sara Fischer)
Robert Downey Jr. (Secretary Of Homeland Defense Zachary Mitchell)
Penny Johnson Jerald (Melinda Brown)
Marcia Gay Harden (Felicity Huxley)
Michael Pena (Agent Juan Cortez)
Edward Burns (Richard Smith)
Willem Dafoe (Adolfo Goez)

"Take the shot"

Michael Mann's latest picture describes thelast days of a Jewish President up to his death at thehands of a Neo-Nazi sniper. Racism and politics(especially when the Black Vice President comes intothe picture) collide in this terrifying look into theinner workings of the White House. Dustin Hoffmanstars as the President along with Philip SeymourHoffman, Meryl Streep, Paul Giamatti, Tom Cruise, Forrest Whitaker, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

What the Press Would Say:

Dustin Hoffman stars as the first Jewish US Presidentwho is targeted for assassination by a Neo-Naziorganization with members that claim to be the descendants of Hitler. The cast is filled with A-listactors but it is British Jonathan Rhys Meyers whosteals the scene as a Secret Service agent whobefriends the assassin, played by Peter Sarsgaard. Michael Mann directs and co-writes another realistic thriller that has earned numerous Oscar nominations.

Best Picture
Best Director-Michael Mann
Best Actor-Dustin Hoffman
Best Supporting Actor-Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Best Supporting Actor-Peter Sarsgaard
Best Supporting Actor-Forrest Whitaker
Best Supporting Actress-Meryl Streep
Best Original Screenplay-Paul Haggis & Michael Mann
Best Cinematography
Best Film Editing
Best Sound Mixing

A Star is Born

Author: Stephen
Location: Hartford, CT

"A Star is Born"

Directed by: Ang Lee
Written by: Bill Condon (based on the 1954 film "A Star Is Born")
Original Score by: John Williams
Selected Songs by: Harold Arlen and Ira Gershwin

Principal Cast:

Esther Blodgett/Vicki Lester: Toni Collette
Norman Maine: Clive Owen
Matt Libby: Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Danny Maguire: Jake Gyllenhaal
Oliver Niles: Ben Kingsley

"What would you do for love?"

Based on the classic 1954 film of the same name, Oscar winning director Ang Lee tackles a new medium with this ambitious story of Hollywood and its stars and victims. Set in 1950's Los Angeles, Toni Collette takes the lead as Esther Blodgett, a struggling actress cum singer. Clive Owen plays Norman Maine, the Hollywood star who gives Esther her big break. The relationship is at first one of admiration and friendship but soon grows into romance. Tensions increase as Esther's star grows brighter as Norman's starts to flicker. Written by the Oscar nominated Bill Condon, of Dreamgirls and Chicago fame, this film is destined to walk the same path as it's predecessor, that of becoming a Hollywood classic.

What the Press Would Say:

In what was perceived for months to be a likely flop, with multiple directors and several cast changes, Ang Lee has proven himself a true auteur and chameleon taking on an ambitious movie musical that takes place in 1950's Hollywood. Based on the 1954 film with Judy Garland, Lee had some large shoes to fill and once again comes out shining. Toni Collette and Clive Owen star and their chances of Oscar gold seem definite as Collette proves herself an actress who can headline. Her voice is also pleasantly melodic. Clive Owen matches as a former movie idol who turns to the bottle. Can this movie come home with more Oscars than the original? That remains to be seen, but one thing stands clear. This film will stand as one of the great Hollywood love stories.

Oscar Prospects:
Best Picture
Best Director: Ang Lee
Best Actor: Clive Owen
Best Actress: Toni Collette
Best Supporting Actor: Jake Gyllenhaal
Best Adapted Screenplay: Bill Condon
As well as many technical awards.


Author: Pat
Location: New York


Directed By Alfonso Cuaron
Written By Stephen Gaghan
Music By James Newton Howard

Principal Cast:

Nicole Kidman (Julia Richards)
Ralph Fiennes (Walter)
Jason Statham (Gerry)
Christian Bale (John Patrick Anderson)
Paul Bettany (Keegan McFay)
Ian McKellan (Franklin Peters)
Radha Mitchell (Melissa Anderson)
George Clooney (Aaron Shumsky)
Philip Seymour Hoffman (Nick Smith)
Emily Watson (Erica Nelson)
Sophie Okonedo (Kelly Ziegler)
Charlie Hunnam (David)
Hayden Christensen (Lionel)

"Don't trust anybody"

Alfonso Cuaron directs this ensemble thriller using anenvironmental summit in London as a backdrop for a worldwide conspiracy. Nicole Kidman star as a single mother who is brought into the conspiracy by a man who hijacks her car, played by Ralph Fiennes, and claims to be on the run from assassins because he threatens to reveal devastating information. She is quicklypulled into a scheme which involves a multi-billion dollar mining company that wants to deforest thousands of acres of African rain forest to find diamond mines.

The CEO of the company (Christian Bale) hires an assassin (Jason Statham) to silence the disgruntled employee while dealing with his wife's (Radha Mitchell) increasing mental issues. Paul Bettany stars as a Scotland Yard agent who tries to uncover the plot but discovers that it reaches far into the British government and even the Prime Minister (Ian McKellan). George Clooney and Philip Seymour Hoffman star as American businessmen who are trying to buy the Africa land but may be in on the conspiracy also. Emily Watson stars as the Prime Minister's secretary and Sophie Okonedo plays the British ambassador to the Congo. Charlie Hunnam and Hayden Christensen play a gay couple who are more involved in the situation than
they think.

What the Press Would Say:

This latest conspiracy thriller from "Syriana" scribe Stephen Gaghan is his best yet, especially with Alfonso Cuaron at the helm. Nicole Kidman and Ralph Fiennes lead an ensemble cast in a story that exposes a plot within a British mining company that could mean the end of the African rain forest. Excellent dialogue, shocking twists, and stunning action sequences make this one of the best movies of the year. Kidman and Fiennes are great as usual, but Jason Statham and Radha Mitchell steal the screen as a hitman and a psycho wife, respectively. Emily Watson also gives a good performance as the Prime Minister's secretary who thinks her boss might committing crimesthat could involve her.

Best Picture
Best Director-Alfonso Cuaron
Best Actor-Ralph Fiennes
Best Supporting Actor-Jason Statham
Best Supporting Actress-Radha Mitchell
Best Supporting Actress-Emily Watson
Best Original Screenplay-Stephen Gaghan
Best Cinematography
Best Film Editing
Best Original Score
Best Sound


Author: Molly
Location: Unknown


Directed by David Burton Morris
Written by Alan Ball
Music by John Williams

Principal Cast:

Renee Faia (Cher)
Jay Underwood (Sonny Bono)
Christian Slater (Phil Spector)
Luke Wilson (Gregg Allman)

"Do you believe in life after love?"

The amazing story of an American icon, told from her meager beginnings to her rise to success in the 60's with her husband Sonny, to solo fame in the 70's, her movie career stardom in the 80's, her music reinvention in the 90's, and her farewell tour in the 2000's.

What the Press Would Say:

With a mix of famous and newcomer actors, "Believe" shows the ups and downs of the pop icon. Renee Faia gives a strong performance as Cher. Jay Underwood plays Cher's first husban Sonny Bono, Christian Slater plays Phil Spector, and Owen Wilson plays Cher's second husband Gregg Allman. A great movie with strong performances throughout.

Oscar Potential:

Best Picture
Best Original Score: John Williams
Best Actress: Renee Faia
Best Supporting Actor: Jay Underwood
Best Supporting Actor: Luke Wilson

Blue Eyes

Author: Corey
Location: USA

"Blue Eyes"

Directed By: Steven Soderbergh and Corey Wackel (Myself/Secondary Director)
Written By: Paul Haggis and Corey Wackel
Produced By: George Clooney and Corey Wackel
Music By: John Williams

Principal Cast:

Woody Harrelson: Frank Sinatra
Catharine Zeta-Jones: Ava Gardner
Julia Roberts: Mia Farrow
Kate Beckinsale: Tina Sinatra
George Clooney: Frank Sinatra Jr.
Gwen Stefani: Nancy Sinatra
Gene Hackman: Dean Martin
Eddie Murphy: Sammy Davis Jr.
Richard Gere: Gene Kelly

Sandra Bullock: Donna Reed
Keira Knightly: Deborah Kerr
Matt Damon: Montgomery Clift
Brad Pitt: Burt Lancaster
David Strathairn: Fred Zinnemann
Russell Crowe: Marlon Brando
Charlize Theron: Kim Novak/Grace Kelly

"A story of incomparable brilliance and of life’s second chances"

The story of Frank Sinatra is brought to the screen with an all star cast. Spanning most of “Ol’ Blue Eyes’” brilliant career, the film examines Frank’s personal life as well as his relationships in the bright light of Hollywood, and his personal demons.

What the Press Would Say:

A searing portrayal of one of the greatest figures the world will ever know. Woody Harrelson gives one of his best performances as Frank and Gene Hackman and Eddie Murphy are perfect as the major part of the “Rat Pack.” Perfectly directed musical numbers from Academy Award winner Steven Soderbergh as well as a solid script help make it a sure lock come awards season.

Oscar Nominations:
Best Picture
Best Director
Best Actor: Woody Harrelson
Best Actress: Catharine Zeta-Jones
Best Supporting Actress: Gwen Stafani
Best Supporting Actress: Sandra Bullock
Best Supporting Actor: George Clooney
Best Supporting Actor: Eddie Murphy
Best Supporting Actor: Richard Gere
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Editing
Best Sound
Best Cinematography
Best Costume Design
Best Art/Set Direction


Author: Tom
Location: New Jersey


Directed by Milos Forman
Screenplay by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski
Based on the book “My Wonderful World of Slapstick” by Buster Keaton
Music by Thomas Newman
Featuring the song “Slapstick” by Michael Stipe

Principal Cast:

Jim Carrey- Buster Keaton
Chris Cooper- Joseph Keaton
Kevin Kline- Harry Houdini
John Goodman- Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle
Rachel McAdams- Myra Keaton
Robert Deniro- Joseph Schenk
Charlize Theron- Natalie Talmadge
Renee Zelwegger- Mae Scriven
Reese Witherspoon- Eleanor Norris
Jude Law- Charlie Chaplin
Paul Giammati- Harold Lloyd

"Get hit with a pie, fall off a car, get chased down a street, fall in the water. Break your back if you have to. Do whatever it takes to get that laugh... but whatever you do, don’t smile."

Who would have thought that the precocious three year-old Joe Keaton,
nicknamed Buster by Harry Houdini, would go on to become one of the greatest
film comedians of all time. Buster examines Keaton’s early years, growing up in
the world of Vaudeville with his family and his alcoholic father, and then goes
to follow his life in the world of film. Starting with his friendship with Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle and the hilarious trials he went through making his early silent films, and going on to his enormous success and his relationship with producer Joseph Schenk and MGM studios. There were dark times in Keaton’s life, as we see in his failed marriages and the many he films he made that were poorly received by the public. As Keaton starts to fall apart, he needs somebody to save him, and that someone is Eleanor Norris, who falls in love with him and turns his life around. Keaton’s life was sometimes wonderful, and
sometimes heartbreaking, but it was always fascinating.

What the Press Would Say:

Milos Forman is back at work, and this is his best film since his Oscar winning Amadeus. He teams up once again with writers Scott Alexander and Scott Karaszewski, who put together a fantastic look at Keaton’s young and early life. Jim Carrey is given his juiciest role ever, and does it credit. Buster himself would be impressed by the slapstick Carrey pulls off. Chris Cooper is superb as Keaton’s gruff but kind father, and Goodman gives his
best performance to date as Fatty Arbuckle. The women more than hold their own against the men in this movie, as Charlize Theron is thrilling as Keaton’s first wife, and Reese Witherspoon is powerful as the inspiring Eleanor Norris. This movie is the perfect mix of comedy and drama, the kind of movie that everyone will love.

For Your Consideration:

Best Picture
Best Director- Milos Forman
Best Actor- Jim Carrey
Best Supporting Actor- John Goodman
Best Supporting Actor- Chris Cooper
Best Supporting Actress- Charlize Theron
Best Supporting Actress- Reese Witherspoon
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Art Direction
Best Cinematography
Best Film Editing
Best Sound Mixing
Best Original Score- Thomas Newman
Best Original Song- Michael Stipe


Author: Juan Ascencio
Location: Mexico


Directed by Lasse Hallstrom
Written by Donald Harwood
Music by James Horner

Principal Cast:

Eric Bana- Matthias Franck
Emmy Rossum- Constanza Ferrer
Ian McKellen- Old Matthias Franck
Monica Bellucci- Fernanda Cavani
Tobey McGuire- Émile Girodet
Hayden Christensen- Erich Franck

"The music ceases, but their love remains forever"

In his death bed, the recognized German orchestra director yearns his years in the word of the opera, all his majestic creations and the biggest love of his life, the Italian soprano Constanza Ferrer. Their love story develops in the middle of World War II; Matthias, exigent and egocentric, meets Constanza during an opera assembly. Even she was only a chorus member, Matthias feels attracted because of her extraordinary voice and strong personality, so he decides to compose an aria which he calls “Constanza” and that becomes his most famous creation . As the times goes, each one’s careers continue ascending and their love gets stronger, nevertheless pride, mutual humiliation and jealousy keep them separated, experimenting both with harmful and ephemeral loves (Fernanda, Emile). After some years of suffering, Matthias and Constanza accept their love and have the chance of enjoying a brief moment together. Hopeless, old and only with his nephew’s company, Matthias find a relief in his legendary aria and the memory of Constanza’s voice

What the Press Would Say:

The magic of the opera is the perfect excuse to develop a complex and tragic love story, in which all elements work together to offer us a delightful piece of art. Lasse Hallstrom and his team make a remarkable work, obtaining his best result since Chocolat, it is amazing to see the perfection on it: music, art design, costume, sound mixing and an intelligent screenplay make us part of the story since the beginning. The strong and human performance of Eric Bana forces us to think on a deserved Oscar nomination, without doubt, this is his best performance so far.

Emmy Rossum surprises with her vocal skills and her maturity to interpret a tough character, this performance will take her career off and will set her in a higher level. The supporting performances by McKellen, Bellucci, McGuire and Christensen are also impeccable, their participation is small but relevant, and the way they captured the emotional complex characters makes us pay attention to the way they acted.

We can finally say that “Constanza” will take the world by surprise, it is a loyal representation of human suffering, directed by a brilliant director, great elements, outstanding performances and a sensitive contact with the world of music, this film can not be ignored by the Academy.


Best Picture
Director (Lasse Hallstrom)
Actor (Eric Bana)
Actress ( Emmy Rossum)
Supporting Actor (Ian McKellen, Tobey McGuire or Hayden Christensen)
Supporting Actress (Monica Bellucci)
Original Screenplay
Original Song (The aria “Contanza” sung by Charlotte Church or Emmy Rossum)
Music Score
As some other technics


Author: Pierre Davis
Location: Columbus, OH


Directed by: Quentin Tarantino
Produced by: Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino
Written by: Quentin Tarantino
Score by: Mark Isham

Principal Cast:

Leonardo DiCaprio as Harvey McCall
Shia LeBeouf as Jack Stalen Jr.
Meryl Streep as Mary Stalen
Nick Stahl as Nathan Smith
Anne Hathaway as Maxine Smith
Phillip Seymore Hoffman as Officer Will Lane
Robert De Niro as Jack Stalen Sr.

When it comes to crime everything illegal becomes legal"

Release Date:
April 11, 2007

Jack Stalen (Shia LeBeouf) always wanted to be like his older half brother Harvey (Leonardo DiCaprio) from the way he dressed to the way he walked but when Harvey dies in a shooting due to a life of involved with drugs, prostitution and gambling Jack finds out the tough gut never wins in the end. With his mother laying in her deathbed and his father gone away with another woman Jack must make a decision whether or not make money any means necessary. The love of his life Maxine (Anne Hathaway) knows that that kind of life only means jail or death and she tries to explain that to him and her brother Nathan (Nick Stahl). With Officer Lane (Phillip Seymour Hoffman) following Jacks every step trying to make sure he doesn’t follow in his brothers foot steps and his father pleading with him not to follow that life Jack has to make a life altering decision between crime of love. In the life of crime you can not trust anyone so how can you love anyone.

What the Press Would Say:

“Crime” has the movie business going crazy with the type of filmmaking masterpieces shown by Quentin Tarantino in the past and is sure to bring the flashback scenes involving DiCaprio and LeBeouf to life with the work he has shown in the past like “Pulp Fiction”. Shia LeBeouf gives the role of a lifetime and DiCaprio brings the kind of acting performance that hasn’t been shown since Joe Pesci in Goodfellas. As the dying mother Meryl Streep brings another memorable acting performance to the screen and is sure to bring tears to movie goers. Anne Hathaway is sure to have an Oscar nod after not getting one for “Brokeback Mountain”. With performances by Hoffman as a corrupting and persuasive cop, Nick Stahl as the menacing best friend and De Niro as the non-caring father this movie is sure to have a lock on the best picture and director nomination also at least 7 acting nominations:


Best Picture
Best Director- Quentin Tarantino
Best Actor- Shia LaBeouf
Best Supporting Actor- Leonardo DiCaprio, Nick Stahl Robert De Niro and Phillip S. Hoffman
Best Supporting Actress- Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway
Best Score-Mark Isham
Best Cinematography
Best Original Screenplay

December 22

Author: Matthew LaRusso
Location: New Jersey

"December 22nd"

Directed by: Roland Emmerich
Written by: Roland Emmerich
Music by: Harold Kloser

Principal Cast:

Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Craig Stevens
Diane Kruger as Dr. Joanne Mitchell
Sean Connery as Maxwell Stevens
Elijah Wood as Blake Ward
Kurt Russell as President Connor

"Thousands of years ago, they predicted the end, on December 22nd, 2012 the end is here..."

Dr. Craig Stevens (Goldblum) is an anthropologist who discovers that the
Mayan calendar, which ends on December 22nd, 2012 is actually a prediction of cosmic events, the biggest being the early death of the sun...

What the Press Would Say:

Roland Emmerich is successful once again in his latest installment of "an end of the world" movie. The academy is sure to eat up the technical nominations with this film and Kurt Russell gives an awe-inspiring performance in this film as the emotionally straught President William Conner. Good music and good effects make for a great time

Best S. Actor- Kurt Russell
Best Score
Best Art Direction
Best Sound
Best Sound Editing
Best Visual Effects
Best Editing
Best Cinematography


Author: Brian
Location: Arizona


Directed by Bennett Miller
Written by Craig Brewer
Original Score by Howard Shore

Principal Cast:

Robert Downey Jr. (Samuel Johnson)
Sally Field (Elizabeth Porter)
Jeff Daniels (Michale Johnson)
Catherine Keener (Sarah Johnson)
Freddie Highmore (Young Samuel Johnson)
James Caan (The Pope)
William Hurt (The Dean)

"We Lived Life. He Alphabetized It."

This is the lesser known story of Samuel Johnson, writer of the first authorized dictionary. The film chronicles his life from a child with countless medical problems to his strange death in the later 1700's. During that time, he writes several unsuccessful books, marries Widow Elizabeth Porter, a woman 20 years older, and publishes his 9-year project The English Dictionary Volumes I and II in 1755.

What the Press Would Say:

In one of the most talked about and superb films of the year, Robert Downey Jr. shines as writer Samuel Johnson, author of the first English dictionary. The film has an informative, yet (surprisingly) interesting script by rising screenwriter Craig Brewer, and Oscar Nominee Bennett Miller directs another fantastic biopic. Expect "Definitions" to recieve Oscar nods in the following categories...

Best Picture
Best Director (Bennett Miller)
Best Actor (Robert Downey Jr.)
Best Supporting Actress (Sally Field and Catherine Keener)
Best Supporting Actor (Jeff Daniels and Freddie Highmore)
Best Original Screenplay (Craig Brewer)
Best Film Editing
Best Original Score (Howard Shore)


Author: Brian
Location: Minneapolis, MN


Directed by Stephen Soderbergh
Screenplay by Dan Futterman
Based on the play by John Patrick Shanley
Music by Jan A.P. Kaszmarek

Principal Cast:

Frances McDormand as Sister Aloysius
Clive Owen as Father Flynn
Michelle Williams as Sister James
Sophie Okonedo as Mrs. Muller

"Did he or didn't he?"

Set against the backdrop of a Bronx Catholic school in 1964, Doubt is the story of a strong-minded woman faced with a difficult decision. Should Sister Aloysius voice concerns that Father Flynn's mentoring relationship with one of their boy students is something more inappropriate…even if she's not entirely certain of the truth? The plot never answers the question, though, of the validity of the accusations. It's up to you to decide.

What the Press Would Say:

A stunning cast provides the basis for this adaptation of John Patrick Shanley's Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning play. Oscar winner Frances McDormand takes on the demanding role of Sister Aloysius with fervor and passion, and Clive Owen's Father Flynn is the perfect blend of honesty and smart. Michelle Williams has a supporting role as the young Sister James, and Sophie Okonedo leaves an amazing impression in her one impressive scene (and Oscars have loved Supporting Actresses with only a few minutes of screen time). Stephen Soderbergh's deft direction increases the intensity, and Kaszmarek's score accents the film's intentions perfectly. Potential nominations look likley in these categories:

Best Picture
Best Director: Stephen Soderbergh
Best Adapted Screenplay: Dan Futterman
Best Original Score: Jan A.P. Kaszmarek
Best Actor: Clive Owen
Best Actress: Frances McDormand
Best Supporting Actress: Michelle Williams
Best Supporting Actress: Sophie Okonedo
And other various technical categories


uthor: Matthew LaRusso
Location: New Jersey


Directed By: John Singleton
Written By: John Singleton and Spike Lee
Music By: John Williams

Principal Cast:

Terrence Howard as Louis Eugene Walcott aka Louis Farrakhan
Laurence Fishburne as Wallace D. Muhammad
Ben Kingsley as Elijah Poole aka Elijah Muhammad
Jennifer Hudson as Qubilah Shabazz
Djimon Hounsou as Malik Shabazz Zulu

"The story of a controversial man, with controversial beliefs"

This is the story of Louis Farrakham, the infamous Islamic preacher, who lived a controversial life.

What the Press Would Say:

Terrence Howard was on the cusp with "Crash" and "Hustle and Flow", but now he is finally in the upper-ethelon of actors with his amazing performance as Islamic preacher Louis Farrakhan. With stellar performances from Laurence Fishburne, Ben Kingsley and Jennifer Hudson, this movie is an instant classic. Singleton and Lee's script do the character justice and provides an in depth look as Farrakhan and his life.

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Actor- Terrence Howard
Best S. Actor- Laurence Fishburne, Ben Kingsley
Best S. Actress- Jennifer Hudson
Best Original Screenplay
Best Editing
Best Score

The Godfather Part IV

Author: Corey
Location: LA

"The Godfather Part IV"

Directed by Francis Ford Coppola
Produced by Francis Ford Coppola, Fred Roos & Nichols Cage
Story by Mario Puzo
Screenplay by Francis Ford Coppola
Music by Carmine Coppola (taken from previous films)

Principal Cast:

Nicholas Cage as Vito Corleone
Scott Caan as Sonny Corleone
Brandon Routh as Michael Corleone
Jason Schwartzman as Fredo Corleone
Mark Wahlberg as Tom Hagen
James Gandolfini as Pete Clemenza
Tony Sirico as Sal Tessio
Vin Diesel as Luca Brasi
Sofia Coppola as (young) Connie Corleone
Kirsten Dunst as Kay Adams
Giovanni Rabisi as Carlo Rizzi
Talia Shire as (old) Connie Corleone
Andy Garcia as Vincent Mancini-Corleone

"The crime syndicate is back with an all new look"

A fourth installment of this classic saga of family and crime was started before the sad passing of Mario Puzo. Francis Ford Coppola picks up where Puzo left off. The majority of the film focuses on the years in the 30's of the Corleone family leading up to the start of the first film with Connie Corleone's wedding. The film centers on the life of Sonny Corleone and his role in the family with how he and his father became even more powerful in the 30's. There are also scenes of Michael Corleone fighting in World War II with and how he met his wife Kay Adams. Finally, there are a few flashforward scenes with Vincent Mancini controlling the family in the late 90's. Taking place right after the death of Michael Corleone, Vincent, with the help of an elderly Connie Corleone, tries to keep the family alive.

Release Date: December 5, 2007

What the Press Would Say:

IA fourth installment to this interesting and exciting set of films gets even better. This new film brings Francis Ford Coppola back into his form as a wonderful director. This stunning new version should get audiences that are movie buffs and also regular goers because of it's fantastic story, but even the Godfather series buffs won't be disappointed. This tells us what happened before the start of the first film and after the end of the third film. There are brilliant performances all around, but the most eye dropping is Nicholas Cage. At first thought he would not fill the shoes of a Vito Corleone because of his age, but his look and voice make him outstanding. Helping him along the way are fantastic young actors with the likes of Scott Caan and Brandon Routh. Also, there are the Coppola family regulars starring, such as Kirsten Dunst, Jason Schwartzman, Talia Shire, Giovanni Rabisi and Sofia Coppola herself in a different role than in the third film . But her beautiful performance as the young and naive Connie makes her unnoticeble. This film makes up for the bad reviews the third film received, putting this series back on top as one of the best of all time.

Best Picture-Francis Ford Coppola, Fred Roos, Nicholas Cage
Best Director-Francis Ford Coppola
Best Screenplay-Mario Puzo, Francis Ford Coppola
Best Actor-Nicholas Cage
Best Supporting Actor-Scott Caan
Best Supporting Actor-Brandon Routh
Best Costume Design
Best Editing
Best Art Direction
Best Cinematography

Oscar Nominations:

Best Picture
Best Director: Scorsese
Best Actress: Smith
Best Supporting Actor: Jones
Best Supporting Actor: Hurt
Best Original Screenplay: Zallian
Best Score: Williams


Author: Pat
Location: New York


Directed By Clint Eastwood
Written By Alan Ball

Principal Cast:

Elijah Wood (Michael Sessions)
Kevin Spacey (Mayor Doug Ingles)
Michelle Pfeiffer (Elizabeth Sessions)
Martin Sheen (Daniel Sessions)
Dennis Quaid (Fire Chief Henry Wilkins)
Scarlett Johansson (Janine Sessions)
Amy Adams (Sarah Sheffield)
Michael Rosenbaum (Ricky Peterson)
Trevor Morgan (Josh Ingles)
Wesley Snipes (Xander Smith)
Scott Glenn (Vince Petruski)
Kathy Bates (Martha Ingles)
Frances Conroy (Georgiana Ingles)

""On December 12, 2007, high school senior Michael Sessions will do the unbelievable.""

Loosely based on the events that took place during the Hillsdale, Michigan, mayoral election of 2005 when18-year-old Michael Sessions overcome the hardest
obstacles to beat the incumbent 51-year-old mayor tobecome the leader of the town. Elijah Wood stars asthe young candidate and Kevin Spacey is as good as always playing his grumpy opponent. Clint Eastwooddirects the cast and Alan Ball writes the script,
which is a blend of laugh out loud comedy and heart-wrenching drama.

What the Press Would Say:

Clint Eastwood directs this classic underdog story about the 2005 mayoral elections of Hillsdale,Michigan. Elijah Wood leads a sprawling cast as a highschool senior who wants a change in his fading town so he decides to run for mayor. He is forced with unbelievable challenges, mostly from his opponent in the race played by Kevin Spacey in one of his meanestroles. Michelle Pfeiffer and Martin Sheen play Wood's parents who are slowly slipping into poverty and are very concerned about their son's election. Scarlett Johansson provides most of the comic relief in the story, especially when she is trying to seduce the incumbent's son. Overall, Hillsdale is a traditional story about a person who wants to reach a goal over unimaginable odds.

Best Picture
Best Director-Clint Eastwood
Best Actor-Elijah Wood
Best Supporting Actor-Kevin Spacey
Best Supporting Actress-Scarlett Johanssen
Best Original Screenplay-Alan Ball
Best Cinematography
Best Film Editing
Best Original Score


Author: Jamie Madden
Location: Melbourne, Australia


Written by: Christopher Guest, Eugene Levy
Directed by: Christopher Guest

Principal Cast:

Catherine O'Hara and Eugene Levy as the embarrassing parents of nerdy Alison Lohman.
Bette Midler and Michael McKean as the over doting parents of spoilt brat Hilary Duff.
Harry Shearer (The Minister) and Diane Keaton (The Minister's Wife) as the extremely religious overprotective parents of secret demon worshiper Lindsay Lohan.
Jennifer Coolidge, John Malkovich and Parker Posey as the very hip, modern polygamist parents of reserved Eva Amurri (and an older promiscious sister Rachel McAdams)
Lily Tomlin and Christopher Guest as the eccentric, wacky, free spirited (and democrat) parents of conservative (republican) Jena Malone.

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward plays Parker Posey's ashamed Catholic parents
Elizabeth Taylor plays Bette Midler's alcholic mother.

"These birds flew from the nest as hummingbirds, but returned as vultures"

In the style of "Best in Show" and "A Mighty Wind", comic genius is brought to life again in "Homecoming", the latest creation from Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy about 5 Christian College girls who return to their religious hometown after studying a year abroad in Spain. "Homecoming" chronicles the five families anticipation, and discovery of what a year abroad has done to their beloved girls.

What the Press Would Say:

For Your Consideration: (in acting categories)

Eva Amurri
Jennifer Coolidge
Hilary Duff
Christopher Guest (also writing/directing)
Diane Keaton
Eugene Levy (also writing)
Lindsay Lohan
Alison Lohman
John Malkovich
Jena Malone
Michael McKean
Bette Midler
Paul Newman
Catherine O'Hara
Parker Posey
Harry Shearer
Elizabeth Taylor
Lily Tomlin
Joanne Woodward

Hope Through Despair

Author: Jamie Madden
Location: Melbourne, Australia

"Hope Through Despair"

Directed by Ang Lee
Written by James L. Brooks and Larry McMurtry
Produced by Diana Ossana, James Schamus and James L. Brooks
Music by Gustavo Santaolalla

Principal Cast:

Sigourney Weaver - Jenna Tomalin
Jessica Lange - Dr. Woods
Shirley MacLaine - Bella May

"That which does not kill us makes us stronger"

Unhappy widow Jenna Tomalin (Sigourney Weaver) has nothing left to live for. Each day is a blaze of wine and soap operas. When Jenna attempts to kill herself, she discovers two lumps in her neck, and thus begins the fight for her life. Guided by belligerent fellow cancer patient (Shirley MacLaine) and inspirational doctor (Jessica Lange), Jenna discovers the importance of friendship, hope and life.

What the Press Would Say:

"An epic story of hope, love and discovery"
"Hope through Despair is a blockbuster achievement of writing, direction, and acting."
"Shirley MacLaine delivers a unforgettable, pugnacious character, which should be rewarded come Oscar season"
"An unexpected chemistry is discovered with Weaver and Lange."
"This movie is a force to be reckoned with"

For Your Consideration
Best Picture
Best Director
Best Actress (Sigourney Weaver)
Best Supporting Actress (Shirley MacLaine, Jessica Lange)
Best Original Screenplay
Best Music Score
Best Original Song (Melissa Etheridge - I Run for Life)

Julius Caeser

Author: Pielak
Location: Unknown

"Julius Caesar"

Directed By Steven Spielberg
Written By Paul Haggis
Music By Hanz Zimmer

Principal Cast:

Tom Hanks (Julius Caesar)
Joaquin Phoenix (Marcus Brutus)
Nicolas Cage (Gaius Cassius)
Brad Pitt (Marc Antony)
Anthony Hopkins (Cicero)
Mark Ruffalo (Lepidus)

"The world would never be the same"

Steven Spielberg Directs the latest reinvention of Shakespeare's Greatest work by Writer Paul Haggis. Julius Caesar takes place in Ancient Rome after Caesar Won the civl war which made undisputed master of the Roman Empire.Its a tale of betrayl by those closet to Caesar which captures the impact of the one of the first well known political assassination in Human History.

What the Press Would Say:

Steven Spielberg has Directed Maybe his finest picture with an allstar cast from the likes of which we've never seen! Tom Hanks also provides his best performance since Forrest Gump as the great Julius Caesar.The Academy Award is a lock for both as well as sure nominations for Haggis, Phoenix,Cage, and Brad Pitt.

An early campaign for these nods:

Director:Steven Spielberg
Actor:Tom Hanks
Sup. Actor: Joaquin Phoenix
Sup. Actor: Nicolas Cage
Sup.Actor: Brad Pitt
Adapted Screenplay:Paul Haggis
Original Score:Hanz Zimmer
Art Direction
Costume Design


Author: Michael L.
Location: Unknown


Directed by Martin Scorsese
Written by Eric Roth
Music by Howard Shore

Principal Cast:

Uma Thurman as Jackie Kallen
Sam Jones as James Toney
Jamie Foxx as Keith Terinn
Clive Owen as Craig Kallen
Minnie Driver as Teri
Gene Hackman as Chuck Brewster
Liev Schreiber as Ryan

"She had boxing figured out, it was the rest of her life that was the problem"

The true story of Jackie Kallen, the most successful woman boxing manager ever. Taking place in the late 80's and early 90's Jackie Kallen(Uma Thurman) is a somewhat successful businesswoman involved in the boxing industry who used to be a reporter until boxing became what she loved. One day she stumbles across a screwed up fighter from Detroit named James Toney (Sam Jones and hires him a trainer, Keith Terrin(Jamie Foxx) who was a fighter she once knew until drugs ended his career. Jackie finds boxing harder then expected especially for a sport that is know as a boys club. Jackie must fight as hard as she can. Through her fighter dealing with illegal drug addiction, a painful divorce from her husband Craig Kallen (Clive Owen), her friends Teri (Minnie Driver) neediness, cancer, and everything else life throws at her Jackie fought.

What the Press Would Say:

The few people who saw Against the Ropes know its no masterpiece. This film is the truthful adaptation of Kallen's life and her rocky relationship to her fighter. Thurman is great as a tough, yet emotional woman in her early 40's in the 1980's who has to deal with just about every hardship. Jamie Foxx puts Ray on the backburner in a marvelous performance as a once drug addicted fighter who's career was ruined because pf addiction, as he tries to stop that from happening with James Toney played by Sam Jones. Sam Jones plays the character realistically. Minnie Driver is hilarious as Jackie's desperate friend. Gene Hackman plays opposite to his normal role as a long time boxing promoter who doesn't want a woman in the business. Liev Schreiber and Clive Owen both have small parts but make them memorable and realistic. Early campaigns for

Best Picture
Best Director-Martin Scorsese
Best Actress-Uma Thurman
Best Actor-Sam Jones
Best S. Actress-Minnie Driver
Best S. Actor-Jamie Foxx
Dustin Hoffman
Clive Owen
Liev Schreiber
and many more..

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Wealth

Author: Pat
Location: New York

"Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Wealth"

Directed By Steven Soderbergh
Written By Jason Reitman

Principal Cast:

Gael Garcia Bernal (Enrique Ruiz)
Bruce Willis (Martin Walovski)
Vince Vaughn (INS Agent Sam Smith)
Jamie Foxx (T-Bone)
Mekhi Pfeiffer (Mr. Zapp)
Wes Bentley (Victor Jones)
Alicia Silverstone (Melody Fisher)
Michael Gambon (John Savione)
James Spader (Ivan Tchivski)
Sissy Spacek (Wendy Mitchell)

"You can't have fun in America unless you're rich"

Jason Reitman writes and Steven Soderbergh directs this ensemble dramedy about a Spanish immigrant (Gael Garcia Bernal) who finds a quick way to make a buck by
joining a drug cartel. Bruce Willis co-stars as a sinister kingpin who wants to see Enrique complete some missions that are very risky. In the meantime he is also in a standoff with another dealer (Jamie Foxx) and his aggressive brother (Mekhi Pfeiffer). Enrique
must overcome several obstacles to make money in the drug ring, such as a suspicious INS agent (Vince Vaughn), a rival (Wes Bentley), and a girlfriend (Alicia Silverstone) who is extremely needy. Michael Gambon, James Spader, and Sissy Spacek star as wealthy
customers who need a fix but try to find the cheapest method.

What the Press Would Say:

Jason Reitman's latest script involves a Spanish immigrant who comes to America and joins a drug ring led by Bruce Willis. A great ensemble cast comes together to make this quirky drug drama become one ofthe best films of the year. Gael Garcia Bernal deserves Best In Show awards as the main character while his rival, played by Wes Bentley, may be one of the creepiest characters ever written. Overall, "Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Wealth" is an eye-opening look at the world of immigration and drugs.

Best Picture
Best Director-Steven Soderbergh
Best Actor-Gael Garcia Bernal
Best Supporting Actor-Wes Bentley
Best Original Screenplay-Jason Reitman
Best Film Editing

Loeb and Leopold

Author: Jeremy
Location: London, England

"Loeb and Leopold"

Directed By: Oliver Stone
Written By: Brian Helgeland
Music By: John Ottman

Principal Cast:

Kevin Spacey - Clarence Darrow
Topher Grace - Nathan Leopold
Jamie Bell - Richard Loeb
Josh Hutcherson - Bobby Franks

"There's no such thing as a perfect crime"

Chicago 1924: Leopold( Grace) and Loeb (Bell) thought of themselves as the Nietzschean supermen. They thought they can commit the perfect crime of kidnapping and murdering the 14 year old Bobby Franks (Hutcherson) without being caught. They were exceptionally intelligent: Leopold had already completed college and was attending law school. He spoke nine languages fluently and was an expert ornithologist. Loeb was the youngest graduate in the history of the University of Chicago. However, the discovery of Franks body lead to their arrest and trial for a murder case, punishable by a life sentence. Loeb's family hired the infamous lawyer Clarence Darrow to plead for insanity and spare them the capital punishment. The trial was known as the trial of the century and featured Darrow's finest hour with his 12 hour speech. It explores the human nature of pre-determinism due to our ancestors and whether a person can be convicted because of a philosophy they have adapted.

What the Press Would Say:

The movie is very reminiscent of Hitchcock's Rope but the film itself is more historically accurate. A very controversial film exploring different philosophy about human nature such as determinism and Nietzsche's supermen and also issues about capital punishment and justice. Spacey did not disappoint the audience as he play the infamous lawyer Clarence Darrow. You can't help rooting for the wrong side as Spacey delivered the character perfectly well as the wittiful, compassionate lawyer against capital punishment. Grace And Bell breakthrough their teen image as the violent criminals Leopold and Loeb. Their performance can be summarized in two words: silent killer. They played the characters well as the intelligent deluded students drowned into the world of philosophy with a very dark side. The partner is very reminiscent of Jake Gylenhaall and Heath Ledger of Brokeback Mountain but with less romance and more violence and dark philosophy. Throughout the whole film, they are very chilling as the thrill killers. Their acting can easily be matched to that of sir Anthony Hopkins in the silence of the lambs as they are geniuses who are incredibly cold and violent. The film itself is very beautifully done and it every single details is ensured for historicity. The costumes are well done as well, designed by Girogio Armani himself ala The Untouchables.

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Actor: Topher Grace
Best Actor: Jamie Bell
Best Supporting Actor: Kevin Spacey
Best Cinematography
Best Costume
Best orginal Score
Best sound editing

Madam Prime Minister

Author: Alex
Location: Washington State

"Madam Prime Minister"

Directed by Martin Scorsese
Written by Steven Zallian
Music by John Williams

Principal Cast:

Maggie Smith (Margaret Thatcher)
Christopher Plummer (Sir Dennis Thatcher)
Tommy Lee Jones (Ronald Reagan)
William Hurt (Mikhail Gorbachev)
Bob Hoskins (Boris Yeltsin)
Anthony Hopkins (Edward Heath)
Michael Caine (John Major)
Frank Langella (James Callaghan)
Gary Oldman (George HW Bush)
Sean Connery (Lech Walesa)
Andy Garcia (Javier Perez de Cuellar)
Robert DeNiro (Leopoldo Galtieri)
Ian McKellen (Shimon Peres)
Nadim Sawalha (Yassir Arafat)
Jon Voight (Pope John Paul II)
Gael Garcia Bernal (Fidel Castro)

"You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it" - Margaret Thatcher

A new film about Margaret Thatcher’s time as Prime Minister of Great
Britain. Dame Maggie Smith stars in the title role as Thatcher. A view of the 1980s through the eyes of the Prime Minister. It also chronicles meetings with Ronald Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin, George HW Bush, Lech Walesa, Javier Perez de Cuellar (UN Secretary General), as well as others. Steven Zallian provides the screenplay, John Williams conducts, and Martin Scorsese directs another masterpiece.

What the Press Would Say:

In a film about the brave Maggie Thatcher, Maggie Smith can do nothing but shine. Martin Scorsese directs this beautiful film about one of the most famous women of the 20th Century. With a fabulous supporting cast including Christopher Plummer as her husband, Sir Dennis Thatcher, Tommy Lee Jones as Ronald Reagan, and William Hurt and Bob Hoskins as Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin. If that’s not enough add Anthony Hopkins as her former boss, Frank Langella and Michael Caine as her predecessor and successor, Andy Garcia as the UN Secretary General, and Gary Oldman, Sean Connery, Robert DeNiro, Ian McKellen, Nadim Sawalha, Jon Voight, and Gael Garcia Bernal as other influential world leaders. This has Oscar written all over it!

Oscar Nominations:

Best Picture
Best Director: Scorsese
Best Actress: Smith
Best Supporting Actor: Jones
Best Supporting Actor: Hurt
Best Original Screenplay: Zallian
Best Score: Williams


Author: Matthew LaRusso
Location: New Jersey


Directed by: John G. Avildsen
Written by: John G. Avildsen and Sylvester Stallone
Music By: Bill Conti

Principal Cast:

Jake Gyllenhaal as Mickey Goldmill
Jennifer Connolly as Renee Ferrick
Ed Harris as Samuel Goldmill
Gene Hackman as Luke Brazelton
Milo Ventimiglia as Rocky Marciano

"Before he could teach, he had to learn"

A prequel to the Rocky series about the man who came to be Rocky's driving influence, Mickey Goldmill, his young career as a boxer and his tough early life...

What the Press Would Say:

This prequel to the Rocky series leaves on stone unturned and gives the audience an in depth look at the young Mickey Goldmill. From Mickey's childhood to his boxing career to his love for the beautiful Renee Ferrick (Jennifer Connolly), this movie is full of emotions and Oscar-worthy performances.

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Actor- Gyllenhaal
Best Supporting actress- Connolly
Best Supporting Actor- Harris, Hackman
Best Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Sound
Best Costume
Best Makeup


Author: M.K.
Location: Washington State


Directed by Bennet Miller
Written by Akiva Goldsman
Music by Moby

Principal Cast:

Amy Adams (Ashley Wintley)
Peter Gallagher (Homer Knowley)
Sarah Bolger (Tara Stevens)
Adrien Brody (Dr. Carl Mak)
Tommy Lee Jones (Harold Wintley)
Marcia Cross (Lisa Katzfield)
Kathy Bates (Lisa Wintley)
Steven W. Bailey (Jack Stevens)
Donna Murphy (Diana Philippe)
M.K. (Blaine Philippe)


After having a miscarriage, Ashley Wintley (Amy Adams, Junebug), sinks deeper and deeper into a depression, affecting her in strange ways, and even affecting business man Homer Knowly (Peter Gallagher, "The O.C."), who she is a secretary for, and was the father for her child, this depression keeps happening until one day she sees a pregnant teenager, and kills the mom and steals the baby, and treats it as her own until she is caught. This is the new heart stopping thriller from Academy Award Nominated director Bennet Miller and Academy Award Winning Writer Akiva Goldsman, Adams and Gallagher lead an incredible cast that includes Sarah Bolger (In America) as the murdered teen, Adrien Brody (The Pianist) as the fertility doctor, Tommy Lee Jones (The Fugitive) as Adams' father, Marcia Cross ("Desperate Housewives") as the therapist, Kathy Bates
(Misery) as Adams' mother, Steven W. Bailey ("My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancee") as Bolger's father, Broadway star Donna Murphy (Spider-Man 2) as Adams' "Perfect Sister", and introducing M.K. as Adams' nephew he knows too much... With an amazing score by Moby.

What the Press Would Say:

IOH MY GAWD...This is one of the best films this journalist has ever seen. This is an amazing contemporary masterpiece that forces you to wake up and realize the world we live on, this film is based on a true crime, and for all I know it's happening right now. The whole cast gives career bests and hopefully they will all get nominated (Adams has been nominated once, and Brody, Jones, and Bates have all won in previous years), let us not forget the incredible script, or the amazing vision of Akiva Goldsman or Bennet Miller. Not to mention the music from Moby is incredible and artful. This film has been sweeping the Golden Globes (Best Motion Picture Drama, Best Original Screenplay, Best Director, Best Score, Best Original Song, Best Actress Drama-Amy Adams, Best Supporting Actress Marcia Cross, with nominations for Sarah Bolger and Kathy Bates, and Best Supporting Actor for Tommy Lee Jones with nominations for Peter Gallagher, Steven W. Bailey, and Adrien Brody) the SAG awards (Best Ensemble for a Motion Picture, Best Actress Amy Adams, Best Supporting Actress for Sarah Bolger, with nominations for Donna Murphy and Kathy Bates, Best Supporting Actor for Steven W. Bailey, with nominations for M.K., Tommy Lee Jones, and Peter Gallagher) BFCA (Best Film, A Best Actress Nomination for Amy Adams, Best Supporting Actress for Kathy Bates who tied with her co-star Sarah Bolger (who also won best young actress), and a Best Supporting Actor Nomination for Adrien Brody ) BAFTA (Best Film, Best Actress Amy Adams, Best Supporting Actress Sarah Bolger, and Best Supporting Actor for Adrien Brody) among with various guilds and critics awards. This film has a leading campaign as you can see her:

Best Picture
Best Director Bennet Miller
Best Screenplay Akiva Goldsman
Best Actress Amy Adams
Best Supporting Actor Peter Gallagher
Best Supporting Actor Adrien Brody
Best Supporting Actor Tommy Lee Jones
Best Supporting Actor Steven W. Bailey
Best Supporting Actress Sarah Bolger
Best Supporting Actress Marcia Cross
Best Supporting Actress Kathy Bates
Best Supporting Actress Donna Murphy
Best Original Score Moby
Best Original Song "Is That The Girl I Carried" Music by Moby Lyrics by Moby and Mariah Carey
And Many technical nominations including costumes (Colleen Atwood) and
cinematography (Dion Beebe)

Moses' Brother

Author: M.K.
Location: Washington State

"Moses' Brother"

Directed by Ben McKenzie
Written by Robert Nelson Jacobs
Music by Bond

Principal Cast:

Jake Gyllenhaal (Yul Brynner)
Chris Cooper (Cecil B. DeMile)
Peter Sarsgaard (Charlton Heston)
Scarlett Johannson (Anne Baxter)
Rachel Weisz (Yvonne De Carlo)
Amy Adams (Virginia Gilmore)
and many more


A biopic of legendary actor Yul Brynner (Jake Gyllenhaal, Brokeback
Mountain) focusing around his time filming "The Ten Commandments" and his vastly diminishing relationship with his wife Virginia Gilmore (Amy Adams, Junebug), with an incredible supporting cast which includes Gyllenhaal, Adams, Chris Cooper (Adaptation) Peter Sarsgaard (Flightplan), Scarlett Johansson (Match Point), and Rachel Weisz (The Constant Gardner). With an amazing screenplay by Robert Nelson Jacobs, and equaling amazing music from the English Violin group Bond. With an unbelievable directorial debut from "O.C." actor Ben McKenzie. This film is definitely
more than the sum of it's parts.

What the Press Would Say:

An incredible film that takes us inside the mind of one of our nation's, no the world's greatest actors, at an awkward time, and shows us no matter how imperfect we are, we can still shine, with impressive wins from the Golden Globes, BAFTAs, BCFCs, SAG Awards, Empire Awards and many more.

With a campaign that includes:

Best Picture
Best Director Ben McKenzie
Best Original Screenplay Robert Nelson Jacobs
Best Actor Jake Gyllenhaal
Best Actress Amy Adams
Best Supporting Actor Peter Sarsgaard
Best Supporting Actor Chris Cooper
Best Supporting Actress Scarlett Johansson
Best Supporting Actress Rachel Weisz
Best Original Score Tania Davis, Haylie Ecker, Eos Chater, and Gay-Yee Westerhoff (Bond)
Best Original Song "We're not what we were ever again" Music, Lyrics, and performed by Matisyahu and Holly Brooke
With various technical categories

On the Waterfront

Author: Corey
Location: LA

"On the Waterfront"

Directed by Martin Scorsese
Written by John Logan
Music by Howard Shore

Principal Cast:

Sean Penn as Terry Malloy
Reese Witherspoon as Edie Doyle
Gene Hackman as Johnny Friendly
John C. Reilly as Father Barry
Ray Liotta as Charlie the gent Malloy
Paul Newman as Pop Doyle
Terrence Howard as Big Mac

"This is going to be a contender"

This classic film becomes even more remarkable as director Martin Scorsese brings a more violent and adventurous touch to this story. John Logan will again adapt a script for Scorsese with Howard Shore composing the score.

December 15, 2007

What the Press Would Say:

A remake has never looked so good as Martin Scorsese again looks prime to win his long awaited Oscar. Recent oscar winners Sean Penn and Reese Witherspoon develop a fascinating relationship as the two stars shine in two classic roles, although John C. Reilly steals the show as the exciting Father Barry. This Best Picture lock should open the door for more remakes to be made in the future.

Best Picture
Best Director-Martin Scorsese
Best Screenplay-John Logan
Best Original Score-Howard Shore
Best Actor-Sean Penn
Best Actress-Reese Witherspoon
Best Supporting Actor-John C. Reilly
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Art Direction
Best Costume Design

Red Alert

Author: Corey
Location: LA

"Red Alert"

Directed by Roland Emmerich
Written by David Koepp
Music by Hans Zimmer

Principal Cast:

Bruce Willis as President Dugan
Angelina Jolie as Tanya
Gene Hackman as General Carville
Natalie Portman as Lt. Eva Lee
Paul Sorvino as Premier Romanov
Liam Neeson as Yuri
Milla Jovovich as Lt. Zofia

"Soviets run across American soil, which side will you take?"

This film is actually based on the game Red Alert 2. After Joseph Stalin has died, the Americans and their allies believe they have a clear victory in the cold war, but they were wrong. Soviets surprise them with an invasion from all borders. The United States must act quickly before their whole land becomes red.

What the Press Would Say:

Roland Emmerich brings his special effects background to this project with epic screenwriter David Koepp penning this film. Although this film does not stretch far in the individual acting categories, the ensemble, special effects and interesting story make it a front runner for best picture just as Star Wars did 30 years ago.

Best Picture
Best Director-Roland Emmerich
Best Screenplay-David Koepp
Best Original Original Score-Hans Zimmer
Best Actor-Bruce Willis
Best Supporting Actor-Liam Neeson
Best Supporting Actress-Angelina Jolie
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Special Effects
Best Sound
Best Sound Mixing
Best Art Direction

Red Sun

Author: John
Location: Romania

"Red Sun"

Directed by Ron Howard
Written by Tony Cushner and Eric Roth
Music by John Williams

Principal Cast:

Tom Hanks (John Clayton)
Rachel Weisz (Ana Croft)
Heath Ledger (Lenny "Mussaf" Bash)
Tim Roth (Gilderoy Croft)
Anthony Hopkins (Lt. Powell)
Maggie Smith (Angelina Croft)

When hope dies, the sun turns red"

From the Academy Award winner Ron Howard comes a story that shakes humanity, about three people captured in a mexican city where violence is making it's own rules.

What Press Will Say:

A cast filled with acclaimed actors and an interesting story about an American, an English woman and a Palestinian are fighting for survival in the city where the sun is always red and only one man can be crazy enough to rescue them. With the wonderful score provided by John Williams, who can create more than life with his music this picture will surely be acclaimed.

Best Picture
Best Actor: Tom Hanks
Best Actress: Rachel Weisz
Best Supporting Actor: Tim Roth,Anthony Hopkins
Best Original Screenplay: Tony Cushner and Eric Roth
Best Editing
Best Sound
Best Original Score: John Williams
Best Original Song: "Lost in the shadows"


Author: D.W. Dillon
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada


Directed by Michael Cimino
Written by Julian Fellowes & Michael Cimino
Music by Hans Zimmer

Principal Cast:

Thomas Kretschmann - Erwin Rommel (Field Marshal)
Emily Watson - Mrs. Rommel
Harvey Keitel - Hans Spiedel (Chief Of Staff)
Hanns Zischler - Capt. Hellmuth Lang
Armin Mueller-Stahl - Admiral Friedrich Ruge
Michael Gambon - Adolph Hitler (Furher)
Mathieu Amalric - Martin Borrman (Asst. to Furher)
Thomas Bo Larsen - Dr. Joseph Goebbels (Chancellor of Germany)
Steve Coogan - Nazi Deputy Rudolph Hess
Daniel Craig - Hermann Goring (Field Marshal)
Edward Norton - Heinrich Himmler (SS)

"Sweat saves blood, blood saves lives, and brains saves both"

WWII is at it's zenith, while American troops set to invade Normandy, the great German Field Marshal, Erwin Rommel argues over strategic military fronts with his superiors and finds himself in a losing battle. A major crackdown is conducted on the attempt on Hitler's life. The one name that keeps popping up is his most decorated soldier. Rommel, being very outspoken about his digust for the Furher's humanity and decisions in the battle field, he must defend himself and ultimately choose his own destiny. While many remained loyal to Hitler, Rommel's loyalties lied within himself and his country. For this he remains the only member of the Third Reich to have a museum dedicated to his life, and to his career as the "The Desert Fox".

What the Press Would Say:

One of the most ambitious films to date. A monstrous comeback for Michael Cimino (The Deer Hunter) who undertakes another controversial and politically charged drama. Cimino pulls absolutely no punches and actually pulls off his answer to Patton (1970). Thomas Kretschmann's sternness and compassion as Rommel compels you from his first scene to his last. Not to be out done is a very bold performance by Michael Gambon as Hitler, and Edward Norton lends his scene stealing chops to the table as the loyal despicable head of the SS. Hans Zimmer's thrilling score accompanied by Michael Ballhaus' film work keeps you on the edge of your seat, watching a great man surrounded by a pack of wolves. While the Academy could practically pick and choose at random of the many brilliant performances, look for Cimino to take home a couple of statues once again.

Best Picture
Best Director - Michael Cimino
Best Actor - Thomas Kretschmann
Best Supporting Actor - Edward Norton
Best Supporting Actor - Michael Gambon
Best Supporting Actress - Emily Watson
Best Original Screenplay - Juilian Fellowes & Michael Cimino
Best Score - Hans Zimmer
Best Cinematography - Michael Ballhaus
Best Editing
Best Art Direction
Best Sound
Best Sound Editing

The Rye

Author: Eric
Location: New Jersey

"The Rye"

Directed by Paul Haggis
Written by Paul Haggis and J. D. Salinger
Music by Howard Shore

Principal Cast:

Robin Williams - Old Holden Caulfield (narrator)
Elijah Wood- Young Holden Caulfield
Adam Brody - Ackley
Chris Klein - Stradlater
Rachel McAdams - Jane Gallagher
Dakota Fanning - Phoebe Caulfield
Jake Gyllenhaal - D.B. Caulfield
Aaron Eckhart - Mr. Antolini
Jessica Alba - Sunny

"Life is a Game, Boy"

It is based on "Catcher in the Rye" about a young man, Holden Caulfield who is narrates his story which takes place between over a few days between the end of the fall school term and Christmas when he was sixteen years of age.

What the Press Would Say:

Isn't it ironic that Jake Gyllenhaal is in two movies dealing with Holden Caulfield? Elijah Wood is Holden Caulfield; he makes the audience believe that he is the actually Catcher in the Rye. We would not be surprised if this film gets nominated for Best Picture, Director, Screenplay and Acting nods. An excellent movie experience for the teenage kid.

Best Picture
Best Director: Paul Haggis
Best Adapted Screenplay: Paul Haggis
Best Actor: Elijah Wood
Best Supporting Actress: Rachel McAdams
Best Supporting Actress: Dakota Fanning
Best Supporting Actor: Aaron Eckhart

Some Like it Hot

Author: Jason
Location: Nebraska

"Some like it hot"

Directed and Produced by Martin Scorsese
Written by Nicholas Pileggi

Principal Cast:

Russell Crowe
Sean Penn
Robert De Niro
Charlize Theron


Starring Russell Crowe and Sean Penn in the roles made famous by Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, this hilarious comedy turns the 50s classic on its head.
When the pair of musicians witness the mob killing today known as the Valentine's Day massacre, they have to escape town the only way they can: by masquerading as members of Theron's all-female jazz band. De Niro, meanwhile, is the seedy mob associate sent to hunt them down, adding an Italian mob dimension to the classic celluloid.

What the Press Would Say:

The film was nominated for a bevy of academy awards, including picture, director, two nods for actor, as well as supporting actor and actress, in addition to adapted screenplay. The film was also nominated for editing, art direction, costumes, sound mixing, and original song, for a total of twelve nominations. Sadly, Scorsese was screwed again as the film only won the award for best original song, while the vastly inferior Utopia (at least according to many prominent film critics) nearly swept the awards.


Author: Pat
Location: New York


Directed By Ron Howard
Written By Akiva Goldsmith
Music By Hans Zimmer

Principal Cast:

Emma Thompson (Terri Schiavo)
Bill Paxton (Michael Schiavo)
Albert Finney (Bob Schindler)
Helen Mirren (Mary Schindler)
Jared Leto (Bobby Schindler)

"She watched the world around her"

"Terri" is a film about the struggle between thehusband and parents over the survival of a clinically brain-dead woman. Based on true events that happened in the late '90s and early 21st Century, Ron Howard's latest film details the battle over whether Terri Schiavo, played by Emma Thompson, should be kept alive even though she is in a persistent vegetative state. Bill Paxton, Albert Finney, Helen Mirren, and Jared Leto co-star as Terri's feuding family in this heart-wrenching story.

What the Press Would Say:

Ron Howard's new movie, "Terri", is a real tearjerker probably because the subject matter is still fresh in our minds. It tells the story about Terri Schiavo, a woman in a vegetative state, whose family battles over whether or not she should be kept alive. Emma Thompson
gives the performance of her career as the comatose main character in a role that barely has any lines. Bill Paxton plays Terri's husband, Michael, who wants to see his wife leave the world in peace and end the suffering that she is enduring. His performance is so good that you feel as if it is Bill Paxton's wife whom he is dealing with. Albert Finney and Helen Mirren play Terri's parents who go to great lengths to keep their daughter alive. Jared Leto also co-stars as Schiavo's brother.

Best Picture
Best Director-Ron Howard
Best Actor-Bill Paxton
Best Actress-Emma Thompson
Best Supporting Actor-Albert Finney
Best Original Screenplay
Best Original Score

The Kennedys

Author: Corey
Location: USA

"The Kennedys"

Directed By: Corey Wackel (Myself)
Written By: Corey Wackel, Paul Haggis, and Oliver Stone
(Based On Several Sources)
Produced By: Oliver Stone, Corey Wackel, and Steven Spielberg
Music By: John Williams

Principal Cast:

Jack Nicholson: Joseph Patrick Kennedy
Meryl Streep: Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Ralph Fiennes: Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr.
Kevin Costner: John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Angelina Jolie: Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy
Catharine Kenner: Rosemary Kennedy
Julianne Moore: Eunice Mary Kennedy
Audrey Tautou: Kathleen Agnes Kennedy
Annette Bening: Patricia Kennedy
Anthony Hopkins: Edward Moore Kennedy
Johnny Depp: Robert Francis Kennedy
Imelda Staunton: Jean Ann Kennedy

"A saga of ambition, wealth, family loyalty and personal tragedy unlike any other"

The telling of America's best know family. A examination of the various political and personal achievements, the film will be written by Academy Award winners Oliver Stone & Paul Haggis will be joined by newcomer Corey Wackel.

What the Press Would Say:

An all-star cast brings the story of the most fascinating family in this country's history to the screen with searing power. Most of the actors were gutsy enough to have many hours of make-up in order to bring their character to the screen. Jack Nicholson & Meryl Streep are perfect as the backbone of the Kennedy family. The film's supporting cast is pitch perfect, with Kevin Costner finally showing us his great talents. First time screenwriter-director Corey Wackel nails the difficult material.

Oscar Nominations:
Best Picture
Best Director
Best Actress: Angelina Jolie
Best Actor: Kevin Costner
Best Supporting Actress: Meryl Streep
Best Supporting Actress: Imelda Staunton
Best Supporting Actor: Jack Nicholson
Best Supporting Actor: Anthony Hopkins
Best Supporting Actor: Ralph Fiennes
Best Supporting Actor: Johnny Depp
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Score
Best Art/Set Direction
Best Cinematography
Best Costume Design
Best Film Editing
Best Sound

Two Towers

Author: Pat
Location: New York

"Two Towers"

Directed By Robert De Niro
Written By Paul Haggis & John Logan

Principal Cast:

Ben Affleck (Henry Brady)
Nicole Kidman (June Brady)
Kiefer Sutherland (Mike Smucinski)
Gene Hackman (Chief John Masiano)
Josh Hartnett (Kevin Jones)
Samuel L. Jackson (Marv Kingston)
Bruce Willis (Eric Van Goen)
Keanu Reeves (Gary Vernicke)
Tom Welling (Ryan Rutkowski)
L. Scott Caldwell (Olivia)
Virginia Madsen (Erin Smucinski)
Sean Astin (Hunter Siminelli)
Aaron Eckhardt (Alex Davidson)
Debra Messing (Liza Copitanni)

"Remember Them"

On September 11, 2001, a disaster of epic proportions took place in New York City. Robert De Niro directs this latest film revolving around those horrific terrorist attacks. "Two Towers" is a story about a crew of firefighters who risk it all to rescue people from the skyscrapers. Ben Affleck leads the cast, which includes Nicole Kidman, Kiefer Sutherland, Gene Hackman, Josh Hartnett, Samuel L. Jackson, and Bruce

What the Press Would Say:

"Two Towers" is the first 9/11 movie to be made by a person who is actually from New York and it shows.Robert De Niro deserves ultimate kudos for conveying he sense of sadness and destruction on that fatefulday. Ben Affleck stars as the leader of a fire company who climb up the burning building to rescue people who are trapped. But it is the supporting cast, especially Kiefer Sutherland, who stand out in this, movie by showing frighteningly realistic emotions when dealing with the losses suffered so many years ago.

Best Picture
Best Director-Robert De Niro
Best Actor-Ben Affleck
Best Supporting Actor-Kiefer Sutherland
Best Supporting Actress-L. Scott Caldwell
Best Original Screenplay-Paul Haggis & John Logan
Best Art Direction
Best Cinematography
Best Film Editing
Best Makeup
Best Original Score
Best Sound Mixing
Best Sound Editing
Best Visual Effects

Visions of Johanna

Author: Brett
Location: Wisconsin

"Visions of Johanna"

Directed by: Michel Gondry
Written by: Cameron Crowe
Music by: Bob Dylan

Principal Cast:

George Clooney-Joshua Waters
Uma Thurman-Johanna Tierney
Brad Pitt-Paul Watson
Kate Hudson-Jacinda Lyle
Bill Murray-Donny Briggs
Dakota Fanning-Katie Waters
Elle Fanning-Allie Waters

"You'll never know what you've missed until it flashes right before your eyes..."

Visions of Johanna is the story of a vain, middle aged bachelor named Joshua Waters (Clooney). He has a successful job as a national news anchor, a fabulous Manhattan apartment, and a young, gorgeous, though somewhat conceited girlfriend (Hudson). However, although Joshua has everything he could ever want, he still feels his life is incomplete.

One day, his world is turned upside down when he becomes the victim of a horrific car accident by a deranged drunk driver (Murray). In a comatose state, Joshua envisions the world as if he had stayed in his home state of Kentucky and married his high school sweetheart (Thurman). Through his visions of a world passed by, Joshua finally realizes what he has been missing through all his years with the help of Johanna and their two
hypothetical children (Fanning and Fanning). Upon his awakening, Joshua returns back to his home in Kentucky only to discover that Johanna is engaged to Joshua's high school best friend (Pitt), and battling alcoholism. It is then up to him to turn his visions of Johanna into a reality that will make his world complete.

What the Press Would Say:

The two men who brought you the classics Jerry Maguire and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind add to their successes with this eye opening romantic drama about heartaches and lost loves. George Clooney follows up his Academy Award winning role in Syriana as an unfulfilled news reporter searching for more in life. Kate Hudson, reuniting with her star-making screenwriter of Almost Famous, gives an unflinching portrayal of an arrogant and belittling lover who is the source of Clooney's angst. It is Uma Thurman, however, who is the show stealer. Her endearing performance is a cinematic dream in the most literal sense. She perfectly tackles the southern drawl and the difficult task of portraying two Johannas: the dream and the reality. Brad Pitt, Clooney's partner in crime, gives his best performance since 12 Monkeys as the scruffy, ball-scratching boyfriend of Thurman. Overall, the superb script and the marvelous direction of Gondry do wonders for the great actors featured in the film.

Hopeful Nominations:
Best Picture: Cameron Crowe and Michel Gondry
Best Director: Michel Gondry
Best Original Screenplay: Cameron Crowe
Best Actor in a Leading Role: George Clooney
Best Actress in a Leading Role: Uma Thurman
Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Brad Pitt
Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Kate Hudson
Best Original Song: Bob Dylan, "Kentucky Dream Girl"
as well as various technical awards.