Sunday, June 22, 2008


Author: M. K.
Location: Washington State


Directed by Clint Eastwood
Written by Paul Haggis
Score by Matisyahu

Principal Cast

Judah the Macabe-Adrian Brody
King Antioches-Joaquin Phoenix
Judith-Bryce Dallas Howard
Captain of the Syrian Army-Alexander Siddig
The Jewish High Priest-Wiliam Hurt
Verena-Daryl Hannah

"This Christmas, Celebrate the other holiday"


After years of coexisting peacefully, the new Greek-Syrian King, King Antioches, chooses to invade Israel, and make it's people Greeks. While the disocration of the temple begins, Judah the Macabe (Academy Award Winner Adrian Brody, The Pianist) forms a rebellion army of mere hundreds to fight the gargantuan Greek-Syrian Army, this story will focus on
five people, King Antioches (Academy Award Nominee Joaquin Phoenix, Walk The Line) as he tries to lead Greece into a golden age, Judah the Macabe as he fights for his independence, Judith (Bryce Dallas Howard, The Village) the young Jewish girl who forced the Syrians to flee by beheading there Captain (Alexander Siddig, Syriana), The High Priest (Academy Award Winner William Hurt, Kiss of the Spider-Woman) who has to deal with the disacration of his peoples holiest place, and a commoner named Verena (Daryl Hannah,Kill Bill) half-Greek, Half-Jewish, this will be the story that will ultimately end with the miracle that will be remembered for millions of years.

What The Press Would Say

Today one of the most controversial films of the year came out, and it was an amazing piece that will make you think, The whole cast which is lead by director Clint Eastwood, marches beautifully to the anthems written and sung by Jewish Reggae superstar Matisyahu, deserves many awards, as it has recently won the SAG Ensemble Award, and various golden globes including best Drama, this film leads a reasonably ambitious campaign:

Best Picture
Best Director-Clint Eastwood
Best Adapted Screenplay-Paul Haggis (Adapted from "The Channukah
Story") Best Actor-Adrian Brody
Best Actor-Joaquin Phoenix
Best Actress-Bryce Dallas Howard
Best Actress-Daryl Hannah
Best Supporting Actor-Alexander Siddig
Best Supporting Actor-William Hurt
Best Original Song-"Walk to Delivarance" or "Hope" or "The Eternal
Burnin' Lights" all music and lyrics by Matisyahu
Best Score-Matisyahu
With Various technical nods including Cinematography (Dion Beebe) and
Costumes (Colleen Atwood).

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