Sunday, June 22, 2008

Blue Eyes

Author: Corey
Location: USA

"Blue Eyes"

Directed By: Steven Soderbergh and Corey Wackel (Myself/Secondary Director)
Written By: Paul Haggis and Corey Wackel
Produced By: George Clooney and Corey Wackel
Music By: John Williams

Principal Cast:

Woody Harrelson: Frank Sinatra
Catharine Zeta-Jones: Ava Gardner
Julia Roberts: Mia Farrow
Kate Beckinsale: Tina Sinatra
George Clooney: Frank Sinatra Jr.
Gwen Stefani: Nancy Sinatra
Gene Hackman: Dean Martin
Eddie Murphy: Sammy Davis Jr.
Richard Gere: Gene Kelly

Sandra Bullock: Donna Reed
Keira Knightly: Deborah Kerr
Matt Damon: Montgomery Clift
Brad Pitt: Burt Lancaster
David Strathairn: Fred Zinnemann
Russell Crowe: Marlon Brando
Charlize Theron: Kim Novak/Grace Kelly

"A story of incomparable brilliance and of life’s second chances"

The story of Frank Sinatra is brought to the screen with an all star cast. Spanning most of “Ol’ Blue Eyes’” brilliant career, the film examines Frank’s personal life as well as his relationships in the bright light of Hollywood, and his personal demons.

What the Press Would Say:

A searing portrayal of one of the greatest figures the world will ever know. Woody Harrelson gives one of his best performances as Frank and Gene Hackman and Eddie Murphy are perfect as the major part of the “Rat Pack.” Perfectly directed musical numbers from Academy Award winner Steven Soderbergh as well as a solid script help make it a sure lock come awards season.

Oscar Nominations:
Best Picture
Best Director
Best Actor: Woody Harrelson
Best Actress: Catharine Zeta-Jones
Best Supporting Actress: Gwen Stafani
Best Supporting Actress: Sandra Bullock
Best Supporting Actor: George Clooney
Best Supporting Actor: Eddie Murphy
Best Supporting Actor: Richard Gere
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Editing
Best Sound
Best Cinematography
Best Costume Design
Best Art/Set Direction

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