Sunday, June 22, 2008

Visions of Johanna

Author: Brett
Location: Wisconsin

"Visions of Johanna"

Directed by: Michel Gondry
Written by: Cameron Crowe
Music by: Bob Dylan

Principal Cast:

George Clooney-Joshua Waters
Uma Thurman-Johanna Tierney
Brad Pitt-Paul Watson
Kate Hudson-Jacinda Lyle
Bill Murray-Donny Briggs
Dakota Fanning-Katie Waters
Elle Fanning-Allie Waters

"You'll never know what you've missed until it flashes right before your eyes..."

Visions of Johanna is the story of a vain, middle aged bachelor named Joshua Waters (Clooney). He has a successful job as a national news anchor, a fabulous Manhattan apartment, and a young, gorgeous, though somewhat conceited girlfriend (Hudson). However, although Joshua has everything he could ever want, he still feels his life is incomplete.

One day, his world is turned upside down when he becomes the victim of a horrific car accident by a deranged drunk driver (Murray). In a comatose state, Joshua envisions the world as if he had stayed in his home state of Kentucky and married his high school sweetheart (Thurman). Through his visions of a world passed by, Joshua finally realizes what he has been missing through all his years with the help of Johanna and their two
hypothetical children (Fanning and Fanning). Upon his awakening, Joshua returns back to his home in Kentucky only to discover that Johanna is engaged to Joshua's high school best friend (Pitt), and battling alcoholism. It is then up to him to turn his visions of Johanna into a reality that will make his world complete.

What the Press Would Say:

The two men who brought you the classics Jerry Maguire and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind add to their successes with this eye opening romantic drama about heartaches and lost loves. George Clooney follows up his Academy Award winning role in Syriana as an unfulfilled news reporter searching for more in life. Kate Hudson, reuniting with her star-making screenwriter of Almost Famous, gives an unflinching portrayal of an arrogant and belittling lover who is the source of Clooney's angst. It is Uma Thurman, however, who is the show stealer. Her endearing performance is a cinematic dream in the most literal sense. She perfectly tackles the southern drawl and the difficult task of portraying two Johannas: the dream and the reality. Brad Pitt, Clooney's partner in crime, gives his best performance since 12 Monkeys as the scruffy, ball-scratching boyfriend of Thurman. Overall, the superb script and the marvelous direction of Gondry do wonders for the great actors featured in the film.

Hopeful Nominations:
Best Picture: Cameron Crowe and Michel Gondry
Best Director: Michel Gondry
Best Original Screenplay: Cameron Crowe
Best Actor in a Leading Role: George Clooney
Best Actress in a Leading Role: Uma Thurman
Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Brad Pitt
Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Kate Hudson
Best Original Song: Bob Dylan, "Kentucky Dream Girl"
as well as various technical awards.

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