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Author: M.K.
Location: Washington State


Directed by Bennet Miller
Written by Akiva Goldsman
Music by Moby

Principal Cast:

Amy Adams (Ashley Wintley)
Peter Gallagher (Homer Knowley)
Sarah Bolger (Tara Stevens)
Adrien Brody (Dr. Carl Mak)
Tommy Lee Jones (Harold Wintley)
Marcia Cross (Lisa Katzfield)
Kathy Bates (Lisa Wintley)
Steven W. Bailey (Jack Stevens)
Donna Murphy (Diana Philippe)
M.K. (Blaine Philippe)


After having a miscarriage, Ashley Wintley (Amy Adams, Junebug), sinks deeper and deeper into a depression, affecting her in strange ways, and even affecting business man Homer Knowly (Peter Gallagher, "The O.C."), who she is a secretary for, and was the father for her child, this depression keeps happening until one day she sees a pregnant teenager, and kills the mom and steals the baby, and treats it as her own until she is caught. This is the new heart stopping thriller from Academy Award Nominated director Bennet Miller and Academy Award Winning Writer Akiva Goldsman, Adams and Gallagher lead an incredible cast that includes Sarah Bolger (In America) as the murdered teen, Adrien Brody (The Pianist) as the fertility doctor, Tommy Lee Jones (The Fugitive) as Adams' father, Marcia Cross ("Desperate Housewives") as the therapist, Kathy Bates
(Misery) as Adams' mother, Steven W. Bailey ("My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancee") as Bolger's father, Broadway star Donna Murphy (Spider-Man 2) as Adams' "Perfect Sister", and introducing M.K. as Adams' nephew he knows too much... With an amazing score by Moby.

What the Press Would Say:

IOH MY GAWD...This is one of the best films this journalist has ever seen. This is an amazing contemporary masterpiece that forces you to wake up and realize the world we live on, this film is based on a true crime, and for all I know it's happening right now. The whole cast gives career bests and hopefully they will all get nominated (Adams has been nominated once, and Brody, Jones, and Bates have all won in previous years), let us not forget the incredible script, or the amazing vision of Akiva Goldsman or Bennet Miller. Not to mention the music from Moby is incredible and artful. This film has been sweeping the Golden Globes (Best Motion Picture Drama, Best Original Screenplay, Best Director, Best Score, Best Original Song, Best Actress Drama-Amy Adams, Best Supporting Actress Marcia Cross, with nominations for Sarah Bolger and Kathy Bates, and Best Supporting Actor for Tommy Lee Jones with nominations for Peter Gallagher, Steven W. Bailey, and Adrien Brody) the SAG awards (Best Ensemble for a Motion Picture, Best Actress Amy Adams, Best Supporting Actress for Sarah Bolger, with nominations for Donna Murphy and Kathy Bates, Best Supporting Actor for Steven W. Bailey, with nominations for M.K., Tommy Lee Jones, and Peter Gallagher) BFCA (Best Film, A Best Actress Nomination for Amy Adams, Best Supporting Actress for Kathy Bates who tied with her co-star Sarah Bolger (who also won best young actress), and a Best Supporting Actor Nomination for Adrien Brody ) BAFTA (Best Film, Best Actress Amy Adams, Best Supporting Actress Sarah Bolger, and Best Supporting Actor for Adrien Brody) among with various guilds and critics awards. This film has a leading campaign as you can see her:

Best Picture
Best Director Bennet Miller
Best Screenplay Akiva Goldsman
Best Actress Amy Adams
Best Supporting Actor Peter Gallagher
Best Supporting Actor Adrien Brody
Best Supporting Actor Tommy Lee Jones
Best Supporting Actor Steven W. Bailey
Best Supporting Actress Sarah Bolger
Best Supporting Actress Marcia Cross
Best Supporting Actress Kathy Bates
Best Supporting Actress Donna Murphy
Best Original Score Moby
Best Original Song "Is That The Girl I Carried" Music by Moby Lyrics by Moby and Mariah Carey
And Many technical nominations including costumes (Colleen Atwood) and
cinematography (Dion Beebe)

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