Sunday, June 22, 2008

Some Like it Hot

Author: Jason
Location: Nebraska

"Some like it hot"

Directed and Produced by Martin Scorsese
Written by Nicholas Pileggi

Principal Cast:

Russell Crowe
Sean Penn
Robert De Niro
Charlize Theron


Starring Russell Crowe and Sean Penn in the roles made famous by Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, this hilarious comedy turns the 50s classic on its head.
When the pair of musicians witness the mob killing today known as the Valentine's Day massacre, they have to escape town the only way they can: by masquerading as members of Theron's all-female jazz band. De Niro, meanwhile, is the seedy mob associate sent to hunt them down, adding an Italian mob dimension to the classic celluloid.

What the Press Would Say:

The film was nominated for a bevy of academy awards, including picture, director, two nods for actor, as well as supporting actor and actress, in addition to adapted screenplay. The film was also nominated for editing, art direction, costumes, sound mixing, and original song, for a total of twelve nominations. Sadly, Scorsese was screwed again as the film only won the award for best original song, while the vastly inferior Utopia (at least according to many prominent film critics) nearly swept the awards.

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