Sunday, June 22, 2008


Author: Jamie Madden
Location: Melbourne, Australia


Written by: Christopher Guest, Eugene Levy
Directed by: Christopher Guest

Principal Cast:

Catherine O'Hara and Eugene Levy as the embarrassing parents of nerdy Alison Lohman.
Bette Midler and Michael McKean as the over doting parents of spoilt brat Hilary Duff.
Harry Shearer (The Minister) and Diane Keaton (The Minister's Wife) as the extremely religious overprotective parents of secret demon worshiper Lindsay Lohan.
Jennifer Coolidge, John Malkovich and Parker Posey as the very hip, modern polygamist parents of reserved Eva Amurri (and an older promiscious sister Rachel McAdams)
Lily Tomlin and Christopher Guest as the eccentric, wacky, free spirited (and democrat) parents of conservative (republican) Jena Malone.

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward plays Parker Posey's ashamed Catholic parents
Elizabeth Taylor plays Bette Midler's alcholic mother.

"These birds flew from the nest as hummingbirds, but returned as vultures"

In the style of "Best in Show" and "A Mighty Wind", comic genius is brought to life again in "Homecoming", the latest creation from Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy about 5 Christian College girls who return to their religious hometown after studying a year abroad in Spain. "Homecoming" chronicles the five families anticipation, and discovery of what a year abroad has done to their beloved girls.

What the Press Would Say:

For Your Consideration: (in acting categories)

Eva Amurri
Jennifer Coolidge
Hilary Duff
Christopher Guest (also writing/directing)
Diane Keaton
Eugene Levy (also writing)
Lindsay Lohan
Alison Lohman
John Malkovich
Jena Malone
Michael McKean
Bette Midler
Paul Newman
Catherine O'Hara
Parker Posey
Harry Shearer
Elizabeth Taylor
Lily Tomlin
Joanne Woodward

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