Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Invisible Man

Author: Andrew
Location: NC

"The Invisible Man"

Directed by: Christopher Nolan
Written by: Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer
Music By: Hans Zimmer

Principal Cast

Denzel Washington as John Byers aka The Invisible Man
Allison Janey as Cecilia Shaw
Christopher Walken as Dr. Jarvis Crew
Liev Schreiber as Mayor Robert Weary
Nick Nolte as Gen. Peter Clayton

Sometimes you can’t see your worst nightmare


When two scientists are killed, in a laboratory, a third (Walken) must continue on gruesome experiments by orders of a mysterious figure. When he is asked to experiment on one of his dead coworker’s sons, something goes horribly wrong, turning the little boy into a monster, one who can become invisible at anytime. Thirty years later the son of
the “mysterious figure”, the mayor of New York (Schreiber), gets a surprise attack from The Invisible Man. When John (Washington) learns of his horrific past and of his father’s death from Dr. Clayton, he seeks the only surviving child of the other doctor killed, in hopes to reclaim his past. Cecilia Shaw is a high executive within Mayor Weary’s cabinet, and with her help John is able to get revenge, armed with machetes, for the life he has been forced to live. The catch is that the mayor calls on the US Army, led by (Nolte) a very “mysterious” general.

What The Press Would Say

Sure, this movie sounds like a bad remake that will never take off. But it is filled with raw emotion, and twists and turns. Denzel proves once again, why he is a two time Oscar winner.

The rest of the cast adds evil, and heart to the well-written plot. Despite all odds, The Invisible Man is a winner, and will surprise the viewers when this strange, yet effective remake, rocks the Oscars.

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Actor- Denzel Washington
Best Supporting Actress- Allison Janey
Best Supporting Actor- Liev Schreiber
Best Supporting Actor- Christopher Walken
Best Original Screenplay (Same title as book, completely different
Best Sound/Sound Editing
Best Visual Effects
Best Original Score
Best Cinematography
Best Makeup

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